Sterilize jars - germ-free jars

Glasses in which you want to cook food or food must be absolutely clean before filling. Therefore, the glasses are first sterilized before the food is filled. The easiest way to sterilize the preserving jars is to show you here as well as the selection of the right jars for cooking.

Sterilize jars - two options

There are basically two ways to sterilize the glasses. Of course, today there are also special devices with which you can sterilize dishes or glasses. But for private household such a purchase probably not worthwhile.

  • decoction of the glasses
  • Sterilize the glasses in the oven


The glasses and the matching glass lids are distributed on the middle rail in the oven. Make sure that the glasses do not touch. Then close the oven door and heat the oven to 180 degrees. After about ten minutes, the heat is turned off and the oven door is kept closed until the glasses have cooled down. If you handle the hot glasses, even these sturdy glasses could be damaged.

cooking pot

In the second variant, the glasses are placed in a large saucepan with water. This will bring you to a boil. Caution: Let the glasses get warm with the water, never pour glasses directly into boiling water. Again, the glasses should cook for about ten minutes. Then let the glasses cool down before placing them on kitchen towels.

Pick preserving jars

Mason jars have to endure a bit. The boiling water and the strong temperature changes must not affect the glass. Therefore, it is important not to use too thin glasses. The glasses should be stable and sturdy. Beauty should not be a problem with canning jars.

The most stable version has a wide Stülpring on which the lintel cover made of glass rests. In between, only a wide alarm is inserted. This has a tab on which you pull later to open the glass.

Tips & Tricks

The classic mason jar or mason jar was developed around the turn of the century 1900 by Johann Weck. He has all alone contributed to a total turnaround in food storage. Thanks to him, it was even possible to boil food even at home.

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