Engrave glasses yourself - that's how it works

Anyone can engrave glasses themselves with a small, inexpensive engraver. Whether personal sayings, the name of a birthday boy or just a cute little flower, you can engrave almost any decor or even photos on the glass with a little bit of practice. How it works and how you facilitate the work, we show here.

Engrave glasses step by step

  • glasses
  • Engraving Complete
  • soft cloth
  • safety goggles
  • dust mask
  • Latex gloves
  • carbon paper
  • Black paper
  • pencil
  • Pen white
  • templates
  • tape

1. Preparations

The glass must be thoroughly cleaned before engraving, otherwise streaks would falsify the pattern. This could lead you to a wrong track when re-engraving the pattern. If you copy the lettering or the pattern in a copy shop with white color on black background, you have it at work easier.

2. Submit template

The template is placed inside the glass and carefully fixed with a little Tesafilm. In addition, you can still stuff the glass with paper or empty toilet rolls, then the template remains directly behind the glass.

If your glass object does not allow you to place a template on the back or inside, the pattern will be recorded with a pencil or scrubbed with carbon paper. To do this, first stick carbon paper on the surface and then attach the template over it. Now this is being traced. On glass, however, this is often difficult to see, so you should not use too complicated patterns.

3. Engraving

First use the finest diamond engraving pin to pre-engrave the pattern. You should always work with a light hand on the glass. If the pressure is too high, the glass splits or breaks. The glass is usually very slippery and a wide engraving pin then slips off easily. Always wipe away the dust in between. You should also wear gloves, a dust mask and goggles.

4. Wash off

After engraving, the glass is washed off again. Then you should check if the pattern really suits your needs. If necessary, you can now retighten the lines with the engraving pen. Of course, you then have to first mark the lines that are still missing and mark places that are to be deepened.

Tips & Tricks

Always practice engraving on some old glasses you no longer need. Marmalade or mustard jars are ideal for the first steps, as they endure a lot. If you have old thin wine glasses, you should also practice it. So you get the right instinct, when a glass breaks and how much pressure you can actually exert. Also, the annoying slippage, which happens to everyone in the first attempts, you can erase so.

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