Glazed roof tiles, how much are they more expensive?

If the surface of a tile is glazed, it is priced usually more expensive than engobes or otherwise treated surfaces. The price differences between the individual surface treatments may vary with a tile. Here you can read more about it.

Glazed roof tiles as a (more expensive) alternative to engobes

Glazed roof tiles - in contrast to engobes, the other very common option - have a diffusion-tight, completely closed surface. They are very hard and resistant, frost damage is usually not here.

In terms of price, glazed bricks are often slightly higher than engobed models, which can be explained by the higher cost of the glaze. This difference between glazed and non-glazed models is not always the same.

Glazed roof tiles, how much are they more expensive?: roof

Depending on the brick model, engobes and glazed bricks can also be almost equally expensive. That depends on a few factors:

which makes glazed bricks more expensive

  • the manufacturer's calculation - glazed models are often much more expensive for some manufacturers, but not for others
  • The respective brick model - engobes are very common and are often sold much more, so glazed tiles are sometimes more expensive
  • the brick and glaze quality - there are also quality differences in the surface treatment, as well as the brick material, both of which can be reflected in the price

Glazed bricks at retailers on the Internet

  • One of the smaller brick manufacturers, but offering a wide and well assorted product range.
  • Also at the roof tile dealer Braas are some glazed brick models in the program.
  • The well-known manufacturer also has a large number of glazed variants of its clay tiles in its extensive program.

So you can buy cheaper

Special offers and remnants are always a worthwhile option for clay bricks if they want a specific type of tile. However, you should also consider whether instead you choose the cheaper concrete blocks that are also glazed.

Tips & Tricks

Inquire in advance if you are allowed to use glazed roof tiles in your settlement area - in many areas, the glaze effect of glazed bricks is prohibited.

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