Same size or patchwork - rectangular shingles for every taste

A less pronounced scale pattern than the shallow semicircular shaped shingles produce rectangular shingles. If all shingles are the same size, they differ from plates only by the overlapping mounting. With irregular sizes of the individual shingles, a varied look can be produced.

Same or different width

Rectangular shingles are made from metals, wood, plastic, bitumen, fiber cement and Preolit. They usually have smaller dimensions than facade cladding made of plates or roof tiles, which are set to push, fastened or laid.

The rectangular shingles of all materials are offered either in bundles in which each shingle has the same size or in sorts with different widths. The height of the rectangular shingles deviates only up to a few centimeters, so that the overlapping assembly does not develop excessive orders.

material types

  • Rectangular shingles made of Preolit ​​and bitumen are the cheapest products. They are also popular for their ease of installation, which includes easy trimming and fitting.
  • Plastic shingles are rarely chosen for roofing, but are more commonly used as façade cladding. They are also among the cheapest rectangular shingles.
  • Fiber cement and Eternichindeln are usually mounted only as facade cladding and not overlapping on impact due to their rigidity and the relatively larger thickness.
  • Rectangular wooden shingles can be split or sawn and used with both different and uniform widths. The price depends on the wood species and quality.

Where to Buy

  • offers bitumen rectangular shingles that adapt to any roof shape.
  • manufactures rectangle shingles made of Preolit ​​with granulate sprinkling in five colors.
  • offers not only rectangular shingles but also triangular shapes.
  • produces rectangular shingles made of the beech, oak, spruce, larch and cedar woods in different qualities.
  • specializes in handmade products.

The cheapest square meter prices for Preolit ​​or bitumen rectangular shingles start at just under € 10, cheap wood costs from around € 25 and high-quality trees and quality grades from € 40.

Tips & Tricks

Higher quality rectangular shingles are cleaved in a conical shape to reduce the thickness of the overlap.

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