Glycerine for the Christmas tree: is this recommended?

On the one hand, you want to get the Christmas tree in time and not just at the last minute, on the other hand, the Christmas tree but also in the last days after the festival as possible in full glory. How glycerine can help, we reveal in our article.

Protection against dehydration at the Christmas tree

The biggest problem with Christmas trees is that they can dry up very quickly when they are in the warm room. They then quickly lose their needles and do not look very nice overall.

If you want to avoid that, you should take the right measures in good time. A fairly common means to delay the discoloration and decay of the needles as long as possible, is glycerin.


A fir-tree is capable of transporting small amounts of water over the trunk into the branches, even when cut off. However, this is not always enough to keep the needles sufficiently moist.

Will the Christmas tree wateredIt may help to add glycerine to the water. The glycerin then ensures that the upwardly transported moisture is stored in the needles, and remains there. This prevents the drying, staining and falling of the needles for a considerable time.

The prerequisite for this to work is, however:

  • that the outer wood shell of the tree is still intact
  • that the wooden sheath around the root is shortened a few inches
  • that the water is replenished regularly and renewed if necessary
  • that the right mixture (one part glycerine and two parts water) is used
  • that the tree is not placed directly next to the heater (favors the drying out)

Glycerine can be bought in the pharmacy, sometimes you can get it in the drugstore. For a liter of glycerin you usually have to expect from around 10 EUR, smaller quantities are often more expensive.

Risks when using glycerin

Some experts advise against the use of glycerin to keep the needles fresh in general. It can discolour the needles reddish brown and also cause mold formation in the water. This rarely happens, but it can happen anyway.

Other measures for keeping fresh

  • Store tree as cool and dark as possible (in the basement or outdoors)
  • Water tree regularly (0.5 liter up to 4 liters daily are often necessary) and sprinkle branches regularly with water
  • Trees always possible fresh to buy

Tips & Tricks

Test the freshness of the tree before buying: It must not lose any needles when tamped on the ground and the bast below the bark must still be moist. The best are of course potted trees - they can be reused every year.