Good water - which water is best for your health?

With water, a lot of money is earned. Some chemically modified water types are commercially available that promote high health, and bottled water producers almost all claim their water is especially healthy. What really makes good water, and what is not good water for our health, this article reveals.


Pure water is healthy. Pure does not mean chemically pure. Chemically pure water is for example distilled water or osmosis water.

Chemically pure water completely lacks natural mineralization, it reacts as an acid and is aggressive. It releases vital minerals and salts from the human body.

Since virtually all Central Europeans have a severe, chronic mineral deficiency anyway, drinking this type of water is certainly not healthy. Minerals are predominantly supplied through the diet (fresh fruits and vegetables).

The quantities that dry up chemically pure water are often difficult to replace, even with balanced nutrition.

Of course, pure water is, for example, spring water in good quality from state-certified sources.

Medicinal water is subject to even more stringent purity requirements as a medicine. It can be safely consumed in the long term, but should be changed because of the different mineralization, the source more often once.

Natural mineralization

Technical artifacts such as base water are often advertised as healthy because of their high mineral content. Many manufacturers point to medicinal water that also has high mineralization.

However, good water is not an artificial mineralization, but rather a natural one. The bioavailability of minerals in water is generally lower than that of food - artificially increased mineral contents are practically barely bioavailable.

The alleged "basic" effect on the body that is supposed to prevent hyperacidity is a fairy tale. Even on the basis of the simplest biological principles and circumstances, such an effect is not possible.

Tips & Tricks

The freer water from pollutants and bacteria, the healthier it is. However, chemical exaggerations and altered waters are not beneficial to health, but are usually even harmful.

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