Martinsgans: goose dinner at Sankt Martin

Geese to Sankt Martin - Tips for shopping, storage and preparation

Martinsgans: goose dinner at Sankt Martin: martinsgans

On the 11th of November the traditional Martinsgans will be on the table and the whole family celebrates Saint Martin with a festive goose dinner. But if you want to prepare a goose yourself, should already pay attention to a few rules when buying and storing. Because the quality of the meat ultimately determines the taste of goose roast.

So one should when buying a fresh goose necessarily on the use-by date watch. In contrast to frozen goods, fresh goose meat must be eaten before the end of the date. If this day is exceeded, there are health risks. With permanent cooling, the fresh Martinsgans keeps a few days in the fridge.

A frozen goose owns one Best before date, indicating until which day the meat is at least stable. With permanent cooling, it can last a little longer, but its quality may deteriorate. Again, frozen geese should be prepared as soon as possible on the date indicated. When buying a frozen goose, the packaging must not show any damage, otherwise it will freeze and the meat will become leathery and tough. In addition, only geese should be purchased, which are located below the stacking limit of the freezer. This border is marked on the inner edge of the chest with a line. Just below this limit is a constant temperature of at least -18° C guaranteed. Frozen martin geese can be stored in the freezer for between three and six months.

Instructions for thawing the Martinsgans

A goose weighing four to six kilograms is usually enough for a goose dinner with six to eight people.

Before the preparation should thaw a frozen goose in the fridge slowly. To do this, remove the packaging and put it in Container with sieve insert, This has the advantage that the condensation water drips into the vessel and the meat does not become watery. Covered, it thaws in the fridge for the next 24 hours.

Basically, raw poultry meat should not come into contact with other raw foods. For this reason, the cookware must be thoroughly cleaned immediately after the preparation and the hands should be washed.

Pay attention to the species-appropriate attitude of the geese

Martinsgans: goose dinner at Sankt Martin: dinner

Martin goose from a species-appropriate attitude

If you want to enjoy the traditional goose meal with a clear conscience, you should pay attention to the keeping conditions of the Martinsgans. In the case of frozen goods, the origin is on the packaging, whereas consumers will find out from fresh poultry on request, where the goose came from and how it was kept.

Many geese still come from fattening farms, where the animals put on so much fat in a short time and put on weight that they can no longer carry their own body weight and suffer from cripples and shortness of breath. In addition, there are so many animals in the Masstiergehegen that they spend most of their time in the dark stable.

Consumers, who still want to serve a goose, opt for poultry from a species-appropriate attitude. There, the geese can move on the pastureland, eat grasses and have bathing spots. In addition, they use less fat in the same time, which is why their meat is very tender and has an intense taste. The species-appropriate attitude of these organic geese is carried out according to strict organic guidelines, so that the animals spend their short life under optimal conditions. These martin geese will be slaughtered in early November and will be sold fresh and direct.

More information about organic geese can be found at: Ö and

Roast goose: tips for preparing a goose

When preparing the goose, the meat must be completely traversed to avoid salmonella infection. For this, a must in the oven Temperature of at least 70° C prevail.

A properly prepared Martinsgans is Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside and is often served with red cabbage and dumplings. Because they are cooked as a whole and disassembled just before serving, you need a big oneRoasting pan.

Perfect is the goose when she is outside completely crispy fried is. For extra crispness, brush the roast regularlysalt water, Alternatively, and for those who like it sweeter, comes toohoney in question. With it you coat the meat shortly before the end of the cooking time, otherwise it burns.

Another tip for the preparation: somethingmugwort, for example in thefilling, makes the fat meat digestible through its bitter substances.

So that the roast goose cooks evenly, you control with oneMeat thermometer the temperature inside the poultry and makes a Garprobe: If the meat dissolves from the leg bone and the exiting juice is clear, the Martinsgans is ready. Alternatively, you hit thathaunch jointon. If the leaking liquid is clear, the roast may leave the oven.

After a shortrespite follows that carving with a sharp knife and aPoultry shears.

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