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  • A GPS for cats allows concerned owners to locate the runaway domestic cat or the freezer. For this, the animal must carry a GPS transmitter, which sends a signal to the receiver of the owner. This can then locate it by computer or mobile phone.
  • GPS is not the only technology, it would also be possible to use Radiofunk, which has a shorter range, but works better in buildings. In addition, you can also use a GPS tracker for dogs, objects or even people.
  • GPS trailers can irritate cats and interfere with their movement. Therefore, they should be as small and light as possible, so that they get used to it. There is currently no GPS for cats as a chip under the skin.

GPS for cats comparison 2018: comparison

The fact that the cat is an idiosyncratic animal and likes to do whatever it pleases does not detract from its popularity in German households. In 2016, there were 8.21 million people in Germany, who were part of a household and enjoyed their owners' presence (source: VuMA). But this presence is always associated with the cat with a certain worrybecause the world out there does not only exert a great attraction on "free-fallers", but also on some domestic cats.

Many cat owners know the rising nervousness and the hectic searchif the beloved animal is not found in his usual whereabouts. If you want to benefit from the advances in technology here, a GPS for cats could be beneficial for you. In our 2018 GPS-for-Cats Comparison, we'll explain the options you have with them and how to find your own personal GPS for Cats Test Winner.

  • For comparison, the cat fright
  • For comparison, the scratching post

1. The quiet paws on the track with GPS

Implant instead of wear?

A GPS for cats on the collar can often disturb the animals or get lost faster. More effective, but also much more expensive, there would be a GPS in chip form, the veterinarian of the cat can implant in the skin. Unfortunately, this is not yet available in this form, What would be very good, is a microchip on which the data is stored to the holder. These can be read by the veterinarian. So found cats can often be reunited with their owner.

Before you buy a GPS for cats, it is important to understand the technology used and apply them. Such, also called Pet Tracking product, device based on the Global Positioning System, or GPS for short. You know this from the navigation system for the car or even a smartphone, In orbital space, there are countless satellites that are inquired daily by billions of technical devices to give them their exact location so the user can be geographically oriented.

This also applies to things that are not close to the owner. These must then have a tracking device here, which emits a steady signal and can be located by means of a receiver, In this way, for example, the tower at the airport knows where an aircraft is currently or the security company knows if their cash transporter is traveling on the planned route. And of course that works for the beloved, purring four-legged friend. He has to wear the tracking device on the collar and can then go his own way.

Cats only? Many devices are not limited to cats only. Although dogs tend to stay with their masters and seek their closeness, they can even outgrow. The same applies to rabbits or horses, And, of course, you can place such a transmitter in the child's pocket or with the fun-loving grandparents in their jacket pockets, in order to be informed about their position. But that's fair enough to deny in advance to not act like an NSA agent.

Before we explain important categories and criteria on the way to your GPS for Cats test winner, there are already the most important advantages and disadvantages:

  • quickly delivers the desired info
  • spares nerves and simplifies the search
  • can also be used flexibly for other purposes
  • Satellite reception provided
  • can hinder (eg catch) the animal

2. track or place? There are these variants

In addition to punctual location, there are also types of stations that point by radio radio direction. Several GPS-for-Cats tests showed clear differences in their respective strengths and weaknesses. What constitutes both models, we explain in this chapter of our guide:



GPS for cats comparison 2018: 2018

You can theoretically retrieve GPS worldwide, So, for example, if you're in Spain for a while and want to make sure the cat or dog is still good with your aunt, you can easily see it on your mobile phone or PC.

But for GPS to work well, a permanent connection to the satellite in orbit is required. Especially in sparsely populated areas, this can sometimes not be so widespread, And even on wide fields or in the dense forest, technology often reaches its limits.

radio radio

GPS for cats comparison 2018: their

Depending on the manufacturer, locating devices that operate by radio instead of GPS can reach ranges of up to 500 meters. The process here is a bit like a treasure hunt And especially useful if you want to look for the Stubentiger in a building or the immediate area around your house.

Unlike GPS, which can sometimes be inaccurate and also in the distinction between individual rooms is not optimal (for example, if you want to search in a winding cellar for the cat), the Radiotracker can play its strengths here. But if the animal is farther away than the maximum distance, grope again in the dark, In order to act quickly, some brands have an outlier alarm that starts when the animal leaves the property.

A case for the judiciary: Although she herself has not carried out a GPS-for-cats test, the Stiftung Warentest has reported several times on court judgments that made the urge to move the cat into a criminal matter. For example, in the issue of 02/2005 it was to be read that owner associations may prohibit a cat from traveling in the condominium. Against the judge's verdict so even the best GPS for cats does not help.

3. Dimensions and technique - What to look for

Even in a small space a lot of technology can be installed. In the case of the Cats GPS, however, it really depends on how big it gets, after all, mobile phone positioning should not be made too burdensome by the device.

3.1. Dimensions

GPS for cats comparison 2018: 2018

With matching app you can locate your cat by mobile phone.

When the GPS for cats becomes a test of their freedom of movement, something goes wrong. Of course there are size differences in cats or dogs, but generally the GPS pendant should not be too bulky and heavy. Animals that are not used to such objects will first try to free themselves from it and may be irritated, A GPS for cats on the collar, which has a small pocket for the transmitter, would be an option. In any case, it should be close enough that the animal does not get tangled up on twigs, branches or other objects.

3.2. technology

Depending on the model type, you as a keeper will then have the opportunity to check the location with several terminals and read out the recipient. This works, for example, by:

  • USB port on the computer
  • Tracking request from mobile phone (the SIM card in the chip then sends an SMS)
  • Android or iPhone app on the smartphone

For models with SMS, manufacturers can usually pay for their service in addition. Here is often included a subscription that is the first one to two years free and then paid. The mobile phone location using App is usually not associated with extra costs.

Map: Your cat's ways can also be a nice feature to keep in touch with friends on Facebook. If you want to let her know where the cat has just spent her time or is usually staying, There are GPS loggers that record the distance traveled and map using Google Maps, You can then track it for yourself or post it on the social network.

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