Clean granite worktop

A granite countertop is often cleanable in many cases. Since any cleaning potentially contaminates the natural stone, protective measures and careful handling are recommended. Only mild and food-compatible agents may be used for cleaning.

Protection against damage and acid

Granite worktops are mainly found in kitchens. The beautiful natural stone surfaces are very hard. Nevertheless, other sharp kitchen tools and utensils can cause scratches. Therefore, do not cut directly on the granite. Astonishingly sensitive, the porous granite also reacts to acids. The juice of citrus fruits can already lead to spots.

Almost all acidic cleaners are unsuitable for granite. In particular, the aggressive acetic and citric acid attacks the worktop granite immediately. For limescale cleaning agents can be used with aminosulfonic acid, which are usually excellent as anionic surfactants. Most dishwashing detergents contain these surfactants, which are also food-compatible.

Clean granite worktop gently

  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Acid-free colorless glass cleaner
  • Cleaning agent with aminosulfinic acid or anionic surfactants
  • oil remover
  • microfiber cloth
  • shammy
  • squeegees
  • terry cloth

1. Clear water

Most superficial dirt should only be wiped with lukewarm, clear water. Then wipe dry. Basically, less is more.

2. Dishwashing detergent

For slightly heavier soiling, a few splashes of a dishwashing detergent can help in the cleaning water. Also wipe the granite countertop wet and then dry.

3. Glass cleaner

For greasy soiling is an acid-free glass cleaner. Beware of organic products that often contain fruit acids. Spray the glass cleaner on a windowpane. Peel off your worktop with the window puller or polish with a chamois leather.

4. Oil remover

If the glass cleaner does not remove the oil stains, use a special oil cleaner for natural stone.

5. thoroughness and endurance

Granite worktops should be given a lot of attention when cleaning. The use of detergents helps less than the endurance and thoroughness of cleaning.

Tips & Tricks

Wipe the worktop "massaging" for several minutes, rub off the moisture with a terry towel and repeat the process. The mechanical treatment granite gets very well and after a few passes rewarded the worktop with a clean shine.

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