Polishing granite floor with feeling

Like any natural product, the granite is grateful for attentive and sensitive care. Polishing is less about expensive special agents or high dosages. The granite floor rewards mechanical performance with long lasting and brilliant shine.

Massage for the rock

Despite its obviously hard and smooth surface, the granite floor is open at the top. Although the porous surface is finished by its density, it is not. By a durable mechanical processing, for example by gyrating polishing, the porous surface is leveled. The resulting uniformity of the mica components is mainly responsible for the resulting natural shine.

The polishing of granite floors often begins in an area that can almost be attributed to grinding. For polishing, abrasives with 400, 800 and 1200 grit are used. For manual processing grinding powder made of silicon carbide, moissanite or corundum is recommended. The powders are also available in different grain sizes, which correspond in about other abrasive.

Following the principle, from the rough to the ever finer polishing, the last "massages" are carried out with an almost unpolishing effect. The finest polish agents available are slaked tin ash or triple, a rock-flour-water mixture. If the granite floor is to be dull polished, white wool is required.

Polish the granite floor perfectly

  • Abrasives in 400, 800 and 1200 grit or
  • Grinding powder in 600, 800 and 1000 grit
  • Slurred tin ash
  • triples
  • Maybe white wool
  • water
  • polishing cloth
  • Possibly polishing machine
  • Soft cotton rag or terry cloth

Level the surface

Using the abrasives or powders in increasing grain size, polish the granite floor in a circular motion. After each change in grain size, remove the sanding and polishing residues with a cotton cloth or terry cloth.

2nd final polish

Finally, polish with slaked tin ash or triple, if you want a matt shine with white wool. Work with multiple passes and apply sanding and polishing agents across the granite floor with light, even pressure.

Tips & Tricks

The duration and frequency of the "massage" on the granite floor determines the result. Take a full day and complete at least twenty grinding and polishing passes.

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