Grout granite and clean surface again

When grouting granite, it depends on the surface texture. Polished and smooth granite is easier to grout than crushed or flame blasted granite. The challenge of grouting itself is less difficult. For the good result, the proper cleaning of the granite surface is crucial afterwards.

Prepare the post-cleaning

When grouting granite, the entire surface is covered with grout. What is easy to wipe on smooth surfaces, prepares more work in rough granite. Generous watering before and during grouting is very important. The drying of individual areas must be constantly prevented because grout or cement attracts very quickly.

Other methods to protect the rough surface of granite from permanent soiling is pretreatment with color enhancer. Then, however, the granite can not be impregnated later. Special agents such as dishwashing aids are commercially available and are sprayed on before. They form a kind of temporary seal after drying.

Grouting and cleaning granite

  • Grout mortar based on cement
  • water
  • Possibly washing-up aid
  • Maybe Farbvertiefer
  • rubber spatula
  • brush
  • sponge
  • dishcloth
  • bucket
  • Watering can or
  • water hose

1. Possible preparation

If you want to work with a washing-up aid or a paint remover, spray or rub the product in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

2. Work with water

Before you begin grouting, thoroughly and generously water the granite. Create a dripping wet environment that will not absorb water.

3. Mix grout

Mix one third of quartz sand, trass cement and normal cement. Alternatively, stir in ready-mixed mortar according to the manufacturer's instructions. Tend to a slightly higher water content. The mortar should be thin.

4. Water the granite again

Thoroughly rinse the granite surface again.

5. Apply grout

Pour the almost liquid grout onto the granite slabs until it evenly covers the surface. Wipe and push the grout quickly into the joints.

6. Repeat

Apply fresh grout several times to the granite and refill the joints repeatedly. When creating drying spots on the granite constantly and water immediately.

7. Wash off the granite

When the joints are filled, repeatedly wipe off the granite with fresh water and a sponge, rinse, wipe and rinse.

Tips & Tricks

Finally, use a dry sponge or foam to "polish" the granite surface for good.

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