Polishing granite regularly preserves the shine

Granite unfolds its natural beauty properly, if the surface is kept in radiant shine by regular polishing. In addition to the optical effect polishing also serves the care. The always polished granite absorbs dirt less than a blunt surface.

Time intervals and polished cuts

For normal maintenance maintenance includes the polishing of granite, whether as a floor covering, wall paneling or mounted in the bathroom and kitchen as a vanity or countertop. The appropriate frequency of polishing depends greatly on the intensity of use. The intervals should be adjusted to the visual inspection. If individual areas become dull, polishing is recommended.

As a rule of thumb, a blunted area of ​​no more than twenty percent of the granite total area is the limit. This leads to heavily used bathrooms or floor coverings to polishing intervals of two to four months. Apart from the pure application of a polishing agent, mechanically acting polishing is also possible. It uses a light polish that cleans and polishes at the same time.

Polish granite yourself

  • Granite Cleaner
  • Salmiakgeist
  • pastes
  • Granite polishing paste or
  • water
  • Possible abrasives (200 and 400 grit)
  • Polishing disc made of lambskin
  • mop
  • Soft cotton rag
  • Possibly heavy polishing or polishing machine

1. Pre-clean

If you want to polish your granite with a polish or floor wax, you should do a thorough pre-cleaning. Use the usual cleaning agent that you also use for maintenance care. When polishing with a polish this step is omitted.

2. Prepare polish

When polishing, removing coarse dirt and dust on the granite is enough. With the first sanding remove the remaining dirt and flat stains.

3. Polishing with abrasive

Clamp the one 200 grit abrasive wheel into the polishing or polishing machine and drive off the granite floor in circular motions. Then switch to 400 grit and repeat the polishing. Work at low RPM.

4. Complete polishing

Finally, polish the sanded granite with the lambskin polishing disc. In addition, polishing agents can be used in this process, but do not have to be. The granite develops shine even without means.

5. Polish without sanding

Dose the polishing agent suitable for granite according to the manufacturer's instructions and work it "massaging" into the surface of the granite. Make sure that the granite is dry. He signals this by a uniform brightening of the base color.

6. Use floor wax

An alternative to special polishes is floor wax. First wipe the granite surfaces with ammonia. Then apply the floor polish evenly to the granite with a cotton cloth.

Tips & Tricks

Some types of granite are mutually exclusive. Polishing of the granite is only possible on surfaces to which no color enhancers have been applied. You must also observe any possible impregnation when choosing the polishing agent. Put together a care product selection that fits together.

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