Lay granite slabs - even without joints

Granite slabs can be laid in several ways. For example, there are various ways to grout the panels or even lay the panels without joints. Here you can read more.

This should generally be considered when laying granite slabs

As with laying for many other types of floor coverings, laying granite slabs also has a few points to consider. So you should always start with your work in a corner laying. Provide a suitable substrate which was flattened and compacted before laying the panels (preferably with a vibrating plate). Also, consider laying out curbs to get a clean finish to adjacent areas. If you want to work with joints, the joint width should be exactly the same for each plate. When laying, make sure that the edges of adjacent panels are at the same height. Check in between every now and then to see if the total area has been laid evenly and horizontally.

At the disposal of the plates

There are sometimes very different opinions for grouting granite slabs. A distinction is made between different types of laying with or without joints:

  • It is possible to make open or sand-filled joints with a width of about half a centimeter to permanently protect the panels from chipped edges.
  • An alternative is the so-called joint laying without joints, which is recommended by many horticultural businesses and which is supposed to prevent weed growth (which, however, can not be guaranteed most of the time).
  • The third option is to apply joint mortar between the panels to avoid flushing out the sand-filled joints.

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of installation

The so-called open joints allow the rainwater to drain well. A seamless installation offers a closed surface, which looks good especially visually. If you prefer this type of installation, however, you should make sure that your preferred granite slabs are also suitable for this or if you buy suitable slabs for this type of installation. In any case, granite slabs are available in a wide variety of designs and colors and can even be laid in various combinations.

Product Image: Thoreau / Shutterstock