Cut granite tiles clean

"You bite on granite". Not for nothing is this phrase, because granite is the hardest of all natural stones that are used in and around the house. This is again accompanied by the problem that granite must always be restored to scale. That goes for course also for granite tiles. Here's how you can cut granite tiles optimally.

Do not use a traditional tile cutter to cut granite tiles

Block granite, which should be installed in a house, is best cut in advance by the supplier or stonemason to measure. However, this is not possible with granite tiles, since one usually does not know which ones they have to be cut according to the room dimensions. By no means should you try to cut granite tiles with a conventional tile cutter. The result is absolutely not professional and not usable.

Angle grinder or wet cutting saw

It works best with an angle grinder and a diamond cutting disc or a wet trimmer, also with a diamond saw blade. Even if the latter wet cutting saw looks very professional - you will not achieve perfect edges like the stonemason. But then so good that you can lay the tiles visible with these edges. Provided, of course, that the quality of the wet cutter is right.

Cutting granite tiles with the angle grinder

The biggest problem with an angle grinder is the perfect straight cutting. Even with a metal bar, it should still be quite difficult, in addition, the granite can tear out at the edge in small splinters. However, the quality is sufficient enough for you to be able to set the cutting edge out of the granite tiles so that an end cap obscures them. For cuts that are visible later on the surface, you should rather use a wet trimmer. In addition, do not cut the tiles completely - otherwise even a diamond disc is worn after a few granite tiles. Instead, they cut a piece and break this edge with a hammer.

Cutting granite tiles with the wet cutting saw

Although the wet cutting machine looks better around classes, but basically works on the same principle, namely with a diamond saw blade. However, this is additionally cooled by water and they can often adjust the speed. Then there is an exact guide. In this quality cut granite tiles can often be laid visible on the cutting edge. But even here do not expect by far the same quality as the tile manufacturer or Steinmetz can provide. The stonemason also uses a completely different technique. He cuts granite with the diamond saw band.

Tips & Tricks

If you also want to cut a granite countertop or a granite window sill next to granite tiles, you can also use the angle grinder or the wet cutting saw. However, then cut on both sides, ie top and bottom. For board thicknesses of 5 to 8 cm, cut about one centimeter.

If you want to lay granite tiles as a floor covering, make sure that the granite tiles are chastised. This is a fold of the corners. Not only does it look better, it also reduces the risk of injury. With some wet cutting saws you can also chamfer.

When renting a wet cutting saw, make sure that you can also chamfer it, if there are not chipped granite slabs or tiles and you want to lay a floor with it.

Regardless of whether you use a wet cutting saw or an angle grinder - never press too hard when cutting. When cutting granite, patience is noticeable in a much better cut.

Do not forget appropriate protective clothing including safety goggles when cutting granite.

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