Granite bricks have box or pallet prices

Granite bricks can be purchased in roughly split condition with traces of the splitting tools or sawed smooth and partially calibrated. The brighter the bricks are, the cheaper the price of the ton, which is usually measured by container or pallet size.

Split cheap, sawn more expensive

Split granite bricks are offered, similar to the paving stones made of granite, with an edge and size tolerance of about two centimeters. The usual form of delivery is a pallet, which has a weight of around 1.5 tons, regardless of the single stone size. In the unprocessed state, the costs of bricks can be compared with the prices for granite blocks.

A more elaborate type of granite bricks are sawn stones that have smooth sides and are almost seamless to set. In addition, the bricks can be calibrated. On average, the price must be between thirty and fifty percent higher than split bricks.

Standard dimensions and area result

Granite bricks are normally offered on pallets. At a total weight of about 1.5 tons, the weight per piece and the wall surface to be created vary.

  • 10x12x40 centimeters, 21 kilograms apiece, 2.0 square meters wall surface
  • 15x20x40 cm, 32 kg, 2.0 sqm
  • 20x20x40 cm, 43 kg, 2.0 sqm
  • 25x25x50 cm, 82 kg, 1.5 sqm
  • 30x30x60 cm, 143 kg, 1.25 sqm
  • 40x40x80 cm, 340 kg, 1 sqm
  • 40x40x100 cm, 424 kg, 1 sqm
  • 50x50x80 cm, 530 kg, 0.8 sqm
  • 50x50x140 cm, 930 kg, 0.7 sqm

That's how much a pallet costs

Gray granite bricks cost from 150 euros per pallet without transport. Bricks in a different color and with a higher quartz content are offered for about 200 euros.

How to save

Granite boulders in Poland (Silesia) and Sweden are particularly favorable. Collective transport also keeps the additional costs moderate.

Tips & Tricks

For very large masonry projects, consider the alternative of using granite facing bricks or facing bricks on concrete.

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