Grass pavers made of concrete

Stable and torsion-free concrete grass pavers enable pavement surfaces to retain their natural appearance. With well-groomed vegetation creates a navigable and durable green space.

Infiltratable grass pavers

If you attach a floor surface with grass paving stones, you can combine several advantages. With a share of green space, ie the open holes of the grass pavers, between about thirty and forty percent, a high rainwater infiltration is possible. As a result, the soil is evenly wetted and watered, which not only helps the soil quality and micro-organisms to maintain their naturally healthy balance. This type of leaching also feeds the groundwater, which is helped while keeping its level. Grass pavers made of concrete are also considered as unsealed floor areas, which are therefore not a flat rate on the amount of wastewater charges incurred for your property.

Grass pavers are ecological

More and more builders and architects are taking ecological aspects into account when creating construction projects. Therefore, almost all manufacturers of paving blocks made of concrete also product lines that meet above all ecological requirements in particular. This group includes both concrete paving stones, which consist of special concrete mixtures that allow percolation through the whole stone as well as grass pavers. While with solid or solid bricks complex and thus usually cost-intensive concrete special types must be produced, unfolds a Rasengitterstein concrete its infiltration capability through its openings. Even the simplest cast concrete, which can be offered at a low material price, fulfills the ecologically desired infiltration capacity as a grass paver. You can also buy top products from concrete plants that combine up to forty percent green area with infiltratable concrete mixes. A very high infiltration factor is combined with the mounting capability that allows driving on vehicles.

Provider at a glance

On the websites of the manufacturers you will find the grass pavers under product names such as eco plaster systems as under or as ecological surface attachment under Also the term Ökopflaster as under is used by different providers. Despite the specialized functionality, the grass pavers are almost invariably laid with machines, which additionally flank the low material costs with lower labor costs. The price range for grass pavers made of normal concrete is between six and ten euros per square meter.

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