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  • Lawn seeds are available for many different lawn types. The most common types in the private sector are ornamental and functional lawns. In addition, there are special varieties that are geared to the location, for example shadow lawn seeds.
  • Some lawns bring a particularly high care costs. Here you not only have to sow and water, but also mow often, fertilize regularly and carefully remove weeds.
  • It can be sown from April, but the best time is in summer, when the soil is guaranteed to be warm enough. It takes three to four weeks after sowing until the lawn is slowly visible.

Lawn seed comparison 2018: lawn

If the lawn in the neighbor's garden is greener, then maybe that's the right grass seed. But which lawn seeds are the most suitable? And how do you sow the seeds?

In our Grass Seed Comparison 2018, we not only tell you how to find the best grass seed for you; You will also learn how to properly sow and care for the lawn.

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1. Grass is not the same as grass

Even if the terms are used synonymously: Not every grass is suitable for a well-tended lawn. High quality grass seed always consists of several good grass types. The more varieties are used, the higher the chance that the turf will grow well.

Lawn seed comparison 2018: lawn

The ideal of a well-tended lawn brought us the sheep. Nobles let them graze in their green spaces and at the same time fertilize the grass. The result was a trimmed, lush green lawn.

The lawn becomes beautiful green through photosynthesis. For this may the grass should not be cut too shortbecause otherwise too little space is available for the process. Even a straight cut without frazzled ends is important. Unattractive brown spots in the lawn are otherwise the result.

2. Which lawn types are there?

One differentiates the different kinds of lawns and the corresponding seed first after use. An overview of the most common types can be read at this point in our guide:

Typesuitable forgrass type
ornamental lawns

Lawn seed comparison 2018: seed

  • very high care effort
  • 1 x mowing every week until every two weeks
  • very sensitive, only after 3 years kicking
  • Species: ostrich grass, Horstrotschwingel and Haarblättrige fescue
use lawn

Lawn seed comparison 2018: lawn

Play lawns, sports turf
  • low maintenance effort
  • 1 x mowing per month
  • medium resistance, resistant to drought

Lawn seed comparison 2018: seed

Sports, parking
  • low to medium care costs
  • at least 1 x mowing per week
  • Species: perennial ryegrass and meadowbeam
Low cut grass

Lawn seed comparison 2018: seed

  • extremely high care effort
  • repeated mowing per week
landscape lawn

Lawn seed comparison 2018: comparison

large areas
  • particularly low care effort
  • 1 - 3 x mowing per year

You can find an overview of manufacturers and brands of grass seeds here. Wolf is an established brand that offers many products for the garden, from lawnmowers to our grass seeds.

  • Compo
  • GF Grass
  • Greenato
  • Sonnenhof
  • wolf

3. Purchase criteria for lawn seeds: You have to pay attention

3.1. The site


Most lawn seeds have the abbreviation RSM. The stands for Rule Seed Blend and means that the entire seed mixture tested by an independent laboratory has been.

In addition to the use, lawn types can also be differentiated according to the location category. Standard are grass seeds that grow with regular sunlight, But if you know that the lawn is often in the shade, you can take advantage of shade grass seeds. Here are seeds that thrive well without much sunlight.

Also the soil is crucial for the choice. Dry or damp, clay or sand - these conditions must also be considered for a beautiful lawn.

3.2. The maintenance effort

Lawn seed comparison 2018: seed

Mow, water, fertilize: Before you decide for your lawn seed test winner, make yourself aware of the care required.

Every type of grass has its own needs and needs to be taken care of. However, some varieties require intensive care to develop and maintain an even grass cover. The two most common varieties for private use are already very different here.

Utility lawn is not very intensive care. Here it is enough to mow once a month and occasionally remove weeds. Ornamental lawn, however, requires extensive care, It must be regularly mowed, watered and fertilized. You also have to keep in mind a regular reseeding.

4. Create lawns: You have to pay attention

After choosing the right grass seeds, it's all about sowing. Again, there is a lot to consider, so that the lawn is beautiful. We answer the most frequently asked questions about sowing and give tips for especially green grass.

When should you sow the lawn?

Important for successful sowing is that of Soil is warm above 10° C and stays that way for at least two weeks, The earliest time is therefore spring, better you wait however until the summer.

Lawn seed comparison 2018: lawn

How much grass seed should you sow per square meter?

How much soda you need each manufacturer writes for the varieties themselves, You should stick to this information for a nice lawn too. For high-quality seeds usually 20 to 25 g are sufficient, with cheap turf seeds, in which only a few grass types are stuck, you need up to 40 g per square meter.

How often does the lawn have to be watered?

Lawn seed comparison 2018: comparison

Lawn seeds can be bought on the Internet or at hardware stores. Here you can also ask for an additional purchase advice.

How often you need to water your water always depends on the conditions. In the hot season, it is necessary to water at least once a day. The best time to water is in the morning. Then the lawn has cooled and the water does not evaporate too quickly. At the same time, the excess water is not too long on the lawn. This can lead to diseases such as fungal infection.

How long does it take for the lawn to grow?

It takes up to two weeks for the seeds to germinate and then after three to four weeks the lawn is visible.

How long do grass seeds last?

With proper storage The seeds can be used for three years, then germination decreases rapidly. If you would like to continue using the seeds anyway, double the required seed quantity.

How often does the lawn have to be mowed?

It always depends on the type of lawn and the look you want. Generally you can say that youshould mow once a week during growth, Later, in midsummer and fall, it is sufficient to mow the lawn every 14 days.

Lawn seed comparison 2018: comparison

Officially, the mower was invented in 1830. The Englishman Edwin Beard Budding registered the patent and is thus considered the inventor. His idea: instead of a scythe, use a pair of scissors to cut grass.

5. Lawn at the Stiftung Warentest

A grass seed test has not yet been conducted by the institute. In addition to the right lawn seeds but also a good lawn mower is essential. The experts have already carried out several tests, most recently in test 04/2014. Here most devices could not convince, Especially the mowing result and the handling were disappointing.

Equally important for the beautiful lawn is the suitable lawn fertilizer. Although Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a test here, the foundation warns that the use of fertilizer will be kept to a minimum. In test 03/2001 it is reported thatmost lawns are over-fertilized, The experts advise against chemical-free alternatives, which is good for the bottom and the purse.

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