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Remove grass stains: grass

The sooner a grass stain is treated, the easier it is to remove. Onfresh grass stain with detergent or dishwashing liquid and pretreated some water, usually disappears easily in the subsequent wash. Forold grass stainson the other hand there are some special stain removers as wellhome remedieswho get your clothes stain-free again.

However, not every stain remover and home remedy is suitable for all types of textile. While the light trousers or jeans are quite insensitive and can also be treated with bleaching agents, attention should be paid to colorful clothing and delicate fabrics. Here you should always carry out a test in an invisible place before cleaning.

Basically, apply the product only on dry textiles and rub from outside to inside, so that the stain does not increase even further.

Contents: Remove grass stains

  • Auxiliary and cleaning agents
  • Tip 1: Gall soap to remove grass stains on textiles carpets and shoes
  • Tip 2: Alcohol to remove grass stains on delicate fabrics
  • Tip 3: Shampoo against grass stains on the skin and animal fur
  • Tip 4: Home remedies for grass stains for light clothing
  • What you should avoid - Tips against grass stains that do not help

Auxiliary and cleaning agents

Cleaning Needs:

  • Gallseife
  • Glycerin / Spirit / Spirit of Spirit
  • Hair or dog shampoo (lightening)
  • Lemon concentrate / vinegar / toothpaste

Required tools:

  • cotton cloth
  • small brush

Tip 1: Gall soap to remove grass stains on textiles carpets and shoes

Gall soap not only helps with grass stains, but is an all-rounder in terms of stain removal. Almost allwashable textiles can be treated easily (gall soap is not suitable for silk and wool!).

For grass stains on garments, rub in the stain with a moistened piece of gypsum soap or liquid gall soap and leave for at least thirty minutes. Then put in the washing machine and wash according to the instructions on the washing sheet.

Alsocloth shoes green soil can be pretreated with gall soap. In a laundry bag after the exposure time in the machine and wash at a maximum of 40 degrees.

atGrass stains on carpets and other textile furniture, also remove the grass stains with gall soap. Rub the soap with a cloth and some water, if it is a robust material, gently work it in with a brush. Let it work for about half an hour and then wipe it off with clear water or brush it out.

Remove grass stains: stains

Liquid Gall soap comes with a brush for easier rubbing in of the product.

Remove grass stains: grass

Washing shoes after pretreatment in a laundry bag.

Tip 2: Alcohol to remove grass stains on delicate fabrics

Sensitive substances likeSilk, smooth leather and suede are not suitable for a wash in the machine.Remove grass stains without washing, you can with high-percentage alcohol, such as in alcohol, glycerine or alcohol.

First, test the material for color fastness. Put some alcohol in an invisible place and see if the color changes. Once the alcohol has evaporated and no stain is visible, the grass stain can be treated. Dab the alcohol with a clean cloth on the stain and repeat until it is no longer visible. Ventilate your clothes thoroughly after cleaning so that the smell of the alcohol evaporates.

Tip: Alcohol dries out the skin. People with sensitive skin should wear gloves during use.

Remove grass stains: grass

Carefully dab sensitive fabrics with alcohol until the grass stain disappears.

Remove grass stains: remove

Then air in the fresh air, that the odor evaporates.

Remove grass stains: remove

Tip 3: Shampoo against grass stains on the skin and animal fur

The coat of your four-legged friend or grass spots on the skin can be cleaned with shampoo or dog shampoo.

Especially for white dog fur, there is slightly lightening dog shampoo, which lightens the greenish discoloration of the fur.

Also for removing grass stains on the skin shampoo is best for blonde hair.

After shampooing, always rinse the product well. Shampoo can also, just like dish soap with fresh grass stains on textiles help. For this, pretreat the stain with shampoo and water and soak overnight. Wash normally the next day.

Tip 4: Home remedies for grass stains for light clothing

Grass stains on completely white clothing disappear by pretreatment in oneMilk or buttermilk bath, Simply soak the white socks or the white shirt overnight in a bowl full of milk. Rinse the next day with clear water and wash as usual.

Also theacid from lemon concentrate or vinegarworks bleaching, These home remedies are therefore also suitable only for light clothing. In addition, synthetic fibers can yellow by the acid, similar to sweat. Lemon juice and vinegar are therefore recommendedonly for light, robust natural fibers, such as linen or cotton, For example, you can safely treat a pair of white jeans with it. Apply the liquid undiluted to the stain and rub it into the fabric with a small brush. After a contact time of at least one hour, wash the laundry item in the washing machine at the highest possible temperature (see wash sheet).

Another home remedy that lightens the grass stain ismenthol-containing toothpaste, Since the menthol does not react as aggressively as acid, this home remedy can also onbright synthetic fibersbe used. Rub the grass with toothpaste and wash in the washing machine after one hour according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Remove grass stains: stains

Soak white laundry with grass stains overnight in milk.

Remove grass stains: stains

Toothpaste also helps with grass stains on bright clothing.

What you should avoid - Tips against grass stains that do not help

So-called insider tips like thatBanana peel or butter to remove grass stainsnot recommended, These often do more damage than they help. In addition to the grass stain, you probably do not want a greasy stain on your clothes.

Even with expensive pieces of clothing, you should not carry out any experiments, but rather let the specialist get involved. Professional cleaning often does the impossible and can even remove stubborn grass stains.

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