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Purchase advice for lawn trimmer comparison or test 2018

  • Grass trimmers and brush cutters are used where the lawn mower or mulching mower is not sufficient: on lawn edges, under shrubs and trees and on house walls.
  • Electric or battery-powered grass trimmers are particularly suitable for trimming lawn edges on perimeters or walls. For coarser and large-scale work, however, they lack the power. Gasoline brushcutters or brush cutters can handle thick and woody plant shoots.
  • Which cutting system you should choose depends on the condition of the area to be mowed: The thread is more flexible and gives way when it encounters a hard obstacle, but knives are better at removing hardened and stable weeds.

Grass trimmer comparison 2018: trimmer

When maintaining a beautiful and well-tended lawn, it is usually not done with the use of an ordinary lawn mower - especially lawn edges are known to get away with mowing unscathed. But even with curves and extravagant angulations it gets really tight and whole tufts of tufts usually continue to grow, if you can not help yourself by hand. And the solution for this is the grass trimmer!

This extremely useful device not only helps you supernatant blades of grass, but also to point out tall weeds as well as shrubs to trim and grow overgrown hedges exactly. Here comes the brush cutter used, so to speak, a larger version of the grass trimmer.

In our Grass Trimmer Guide 2018 We will not only introduce you to the subtle differences, but also provide a detailed purchase advice. So that you are optimally prepared for the forthcoming corrective measures of your green areas, we would like to give you some tips for trimming on the way. In addition, we will also show you how to find your personal test winner under the trimmers and which lawn trimmers are cheap and recommended.

1. What is a grass trimmer and how does it work?

Grass trimmer comparison 2018: comparison

A grass trimmer will continue where an ordinary lawn mowing is not enough.

A grass or lawn trimmer, also known as brushcutter or - in its more powerful variant - as a brushcutter, is a motor-driven gardening tool. This is not only suitable for mowing grass, but also for cutting hedge plants or scrubby plants such as shrubs and similar plants. They are due to their slimmer and more efficient design Used where larger devices such as lawn mowers or lawn tractors not or difficult to approach.

The functioning of grass trimmers and brushcutters is basically the same and at the bottom end of a 150 to 200 cm long metal handle is the so-called cutting head with a rotating cutting tool, which is driven by a motor, either directly above the cutting head or (in more powerful copies) separately on the attached to the upper end of the stem. As cutting tool different systems are used:

  • Nylon threads
  • Plastic wings as cutting discs
  • steel knife disks
  • Cutting blades of a circular saw

Grass trimmer comparison 2018: 2018

Most grass trimmers use a trim head that cuts the grass with fast rotating nylon threads.

Low-performance brushcutters (mostly grass trimmers) usually come with only one Thread head as a cutting tool out. The pieces of thread attached there are usually rolled up on a spool and are tensioned during operation by the centrifugal force, The advantage of such pieces of thread compared to rigid cutting discs is that they are less damaged in case of accidental contact with hard obstacles such as stones, concrete walls or strong trees than, for example, a circular saw blade. So you can approach here relatively close to the respective danger object.

In contrast to the knife discs threads are also easily replaceable. With some grass trimmers threads can even be retightened by a semi-automatic mechanism until the thread spool is used up.

Also at the top of the handle of a lawn trimmer are the die Handles necessary for pivoting the cutting tool on the ground. Heavier devices (ie the brushcutters) also have a carrying strap, which - stretched over the shoulder and chest - gives the user much more stability when cutting.

2. What types of brushcutters are there?

As noted earlier, one usually distinguishes between simpler (grass trimmers) and heavier brushcutters (brushcutters). For better visualization, we have compared both device types again in a summary table below:

Type of brushcutterproperties
grass trimmer

Grass trimmer comparison 2018: 2018

  • Suitable for grass clippings in hard-to-reach places, eg lawn edges, steep lawns, bushes and on walls
  • rotating plastic threads, rarely also movable knives
  • usually operated electrically or with a battery
free tailor

Grass trimmer comparison 2018: comparison

  • for scrub, wood, high grass or large meadows
  • Cutting tools mostly interchangeable (threads, knives, saw blades)
  • usually powered by a gasoline engine

There are therefore differences mainly in the type of drive and thus in the engine performance: Brushcutters use either one Electric, cordless or gasoline engine drive.

2.1. Electric and cordless grass trimmer

Depending on the size of the lawn and the number and complexity of the lawn edges, an electric or battery drive of the trimmer can bring benefits. The biggest advantage of one Device with electric drive is that you comparatively working with a relatively constant power for a long time can. An electric motor in turn has significantly less power as one that is based on gasoline - which, however, should be completely sufficient for the small or hobby gardener.

Limited runtime

The battery life of a cordless lawn trimmer is about 30 to 60 minutes on average - with large gardens, these devices can only be used with limited efficiency.

A disadvantage of electric trimmers, however, lies in the Dependence of the corresponding power sourcewhich makes these models unsuitable for use in a rather large garden. Although battery-powered devices avoid this problem, their performance decreases continuously during work, which makes carrying a charged spare battery indispensable if you want to work on a large area as smoothly as possible.

Below we have the Facts about electric and battery trimmers summarized in a nutshell:

  • suitable for smaller jobs on lawn edges, but not for large lawns
  • constant (continuous) performance in electrical operation
  • optimal suitable for the allotment garden or when gardening
  • independent work with battery operation, but then with performance degradation
  • relative low weight

2.2. Gasoline Grass Trimmer or Gasoline Brushcutter?

Grass trimmer comparison 2018: lawn

Practical accessory for a petrol brushcutter: The harness allows for enduring work despite the higher weight.

The gasoline drive ensures significantly more power for trimmers and brushcutters, At the same time, the associated tank makes these devices noticeably heavier than the versions with electric or accumulator drive, which requires a holding device such as a carrying strap.

Above all, if you want to work longer hours with a gasoline powered device, you should be aware of the increased weight. At the same time however gasoline lawn trimmers have the advantage that they function wirelessly and still do not lose performance, which makes it possible to use it in difficult terrain.

In contrast to devices with battery and electric drive those with gasoline engine for the hobby gardener, however, are oversized. Alone the Volume of the gasoline requires the urgent use of hearing protection, In addition to the fuel and more maintenance is required than an electric model.

Again, we have the Advantages and disadvantages of petrol models summarized in tabular form:

  • suitable for coarser work on large areas
  • constant (continuous) and strong performance
  • independent and speedy work
  • unsuitable for small areas
  • heavy and partly bulky device
  • high volume
  • gas mileage

3. Thread, knife, saw blade: differences in the cutting systems

So that you do not lose track of the different cutting systems, we have structured them here for you. All three systems differ primarily in terms of their applicationsbut they all work on the same principle.

The engine rotates the respective cutting tool very quickly over a shaft, resulting in the reduction of grass, scrub and thin branches. this will also referred to as free cut method.

3.1. The line head tool

Grass trimmer comparison 2018: trimmer

The bobbin is the heart of the brush cutter.

The thread head consists of a Coil on which a thin nylon thread is wound. In the switched-on operation, the coil head, from which the ends of the thread hang out, rotates very quickly due to the centrifugal forces acting thereby.

That way Cut grass, scrub and branches, without worrying too much about the wear of the cutting tool, because if the end of the thread has worn off, you can replace it on most lawn trimmers relatively easily by tapping the coil.

Besides variants with the manual method exist auch Grass trimmers where the thread tracking functions fully automatically - you do not even have to sit on the floor anymore. After all, if the thread bobbin is finally finished, you can either refill it by hand or completely replace it with a new one.

The following video shows how to draw a thread on the spool head:

3.2. Blade wing tool

Other grass trimmers have movable plastic knives instead of a bobbin. To protect them from excessive wear, they are equipped with a mechanism that protects them fold in, you should hit a hard object (like a stone) when cutting. Practically, however, this only partially works and the blades break off relatively easily, for example when in contact with a concrete wall or a house wall. Particularly suitable are the knife wings at matted grass or scrub.

3.3. Knife and saw blade tool

For more stubborn bushes or even bushy branches it needs one more stable cutting tool, For this come knife and saw blades in different forms and Strengthen for use.

Danger: Never use tools with knife and saw blade tools to cut stone or lawn edges, house walls or concrete walls.

We have tabulated the different forms of knife blade tools:

cutting toolShape of the toolfunction
brush blade

Grass trimmer comparison 2018: trimmer

star-shaped, with 3 or 4 pointsFor cutting shrubs and off or secondary shoots, for example. Blackberries.
Mower blade and grass knife

Grass trimmer comparison 2018: comparison

flattened or slightly curved prongsFor particularly effective mowing of meadows, but not suitable for woods.
Saw blades

Grass trimmer comparison 2018: lawn

with different numbers of teethFor cutting through particularly thick shoots and smaller branches.

4. Care and cleaning tips for lawn and trimmers / brushcutters

4.1. Tips for properly trimming the lawn

Grass trimmer comparison 2018: lawn

With a powerful brush cutter, you can also trim thicker scrub on difficult terrain well.

Depending on the situation of your garden or lawn, a different approach is required. For example, with tall grass, it is recommended to shorten the stalks in two stages: First, remove the tips of the upper part of the material from one side to the other, and finally swing the lower part in the opposite direction.

For slopes it is recommended to cut from bottom to top and parallel to the slope, at best, you will walk lanes of about one meter wide, step by step. For the most consistent cut you should run back the already mown piece and then continue on the next lane in the same direction and at a constant pace.

Tip: For very large areas it is advisable to cut from the outside to the inside. First mow the lawn edges and then work your way round to the center of the area. This will give you the best overview of those places that might need some rework.

4.2. Tips for the care of the devices

Grass trimmer comparison 2018: lawn

Empty the petrol tank of your brushcutter before storing it for the winter.

Even though electric and cordless lawn trimmers tend to require little maintenance, this does not mean you can do without some basic cleaning. If you remove the grass residue from the cutting tools after each use of the device automatically make sure that they do not dull so quickly. In addition, the workload is quickly reduced if too many straws or other crops wrap around the tool head.

Be sure to keep the thread head moist - especially if you are not using the device for a long period of time. In this way you not only increase the elasticity, but also prevent rapid wear.

Below we have compiled a list of maintenance tips for gasoline powered grass trimmers and trimmers:

  1. Check and clean the spark.
  2. Metal knives belong sharpened regularly, As soon as you recognize nicks or your first teeth or points are missing, you should replace the knives.
  3. to wintering you should use cutting tools on the one hand corrosion protection treat and on the other hand the Empty the tank completely, otherwise fuel collects in the carburetor.

Grass trimmer comparison 2018: trimmer

Especially when it comes to precise work near the lawn edge, the brush cutter is an indispensable tool.

5. Important information on protection and safety during gardening

Even with an electric lawn trimmer and even more so with a powerful gasoline brushcutter, there is a lot to pay attention to in terms of occupational safety, because Accidents are easy to avoid when handled correctly, The following safety measures should therefore be taken into account when cutting and mowing:

Grass trimmer comparison 2018: grass

Be sure to always wear safety goggles, gloves and work boots with reinforced caps when working with a grass trimmer.
  • Pay attention to the correct attachment the thread or knife cover.
  • Do you wear solid shoes, at best, with Stahlkappen.
  • When handling especially with the saw blade tool, it is recommended to wear Work gloves and even a so-called Cut protection suit
  • It's easy to get into your eyes because of the surrounding scrub, grass clippings and wood chips Wearing safety goggles a necessary must.
  • At a volume of over 100 decibels, normal for a gasoline engine, also suffers the hearing. Be sure to bend it with appropriate Working earmuffs in front!

6. Questions and answers about the topic of lawn trimmers

6.1. Which gas do I need for my petrol lawn trimmer?

Relevant less is the question of the right lawnmower gasoline as on the correct Mixing ratio of fuel and engine oilbecause this is crucial for the longest possible operation of your device. Pay attention to the data provided by the respective manufacturers, because the information varies from model to model.

6.2. How do you best handle a trimmer?

Typically, the grass trimmer is pivoted from right to left across the ground as the cutting tools rotate counterclockwise. You should also pay attention keep the trimmer at the correct height and move it as evenly as possible when cuttingto ensure a clean cut.

6.3. What are the most important / best-known manufacturers of grass trimmers or brushcutters?

We have compiled the most popular manufacturers of grass trimmers and brushcutters for you here:

  • AL-KO
  • Wolf-Garten
  • Bosch
  • Gardena
  • Black & Decker
  • Dolmar
  • Einhell
  • pike
  • Hitachi
  • güde
  • Honda
  • Husqvarna
  • Ikra
  • mogatec
  • Makita
  • McCulloch
  • MTD
  • Ryobi
  • solo
  • Stihl

6.4. Is there already a grass trimmer comparison of Stiftung Warentest?

The Stiftung Warentest itself has not yet carried out a test for trimmers, but reports on the results of the Belgian partner organization Test Aankoop has to announce. The brands Makita and Powerplus, both in the mid-price segment, performed best.

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