Grease press comparison 2018

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  • A grease gun is a tool used to lubricate machinery, motors and motor joints to reduce friction and increase service life.
  • The oil, which is necessary for the correct movement of machines, must be brought to the associated parts such as chains, wheel bearings, threads etc. This is possible with a grease gun.
  • A distinction is made between grease guns in automatic grease guns, which are operated either electrically or by compressed air, and manual grease guns, which are operated by pushing or by lever.

Grease press comparison 2018: grease guns

The industry and especially the construction machinery industry has a very high level in Germany. But all machines need care so as not to be unusable after a few months of operation. The various components of the machines must be regularly maintained and, above all, lubricated with oil. With grease guns, it is possible to save machines from wear.

If you want to buy a grease gun, you need to know what to look for - especially when it comes to cheap grease guns. What is the best for you grease gun and which types are the right choice for you, read here in ourGrease press comparison 2018.

1. What is a grease gun for and how does it work?

How does a grease nipple work?

To apply the grease to certain rod ends, especially in construction machinery and agricultural machinerygrease nipple used that too Grease nipple to be named. This Support works like a valve, which only gives off as much fat as it exerts pressure. This greatly facilitates so-called greasing.

The tool is used to attach the grease to the important components of machines to lubricate them sufficiently. The lubricant is distributed via a grease nipple at the desired bearing point, so that the various components are better lubricated and last longer.

Grease press comparison 2018: comparison

Grease cartridge from Pressol.

The solid metal housing has a Slot for an oil cartridge and depending on the model via a compressed air tank, battery or trigger.

By operating the trigger lever pressure is generated within the press. The pressure distributes oil or lubricant through a hose and greasing device at the selected location. Thanks aValve can be the excess pressure to be drained off.

2. What are the different types of grease guns and how are they served?

Presses can be divided into the following categories:

  • manual grease gun with lever
  • manual grease gun with burst operation
  • automatic grease gun with compressed air
  • automatic grease gun with battery

2.1. Manual grease guns

Grease press comparison 2018: grease

A manual one-hand grease gun is recognizable due to the operation by a lever.

To the manual grease guns counting Butt grease presses, hand lever grease guns and one-hand grease guns, What they have in common is that they need strength to work. The manual devices that need to be equipped with cartridges are relatively small and therefore easy to transport. The Lever grease press requires less force due to the leverage effect as the one-hand grease gun that can be operated with one hand, the Butt grease gun is even smaller and has a lubrication pipe. This tube increases the internal pressure which is dissipated via the grease (exiting the mouthpiece).

The manual one-handed presses, like the hand lever presses, must be filled with a cartridge. This cartridge is refillable and must be changed as soon as it is empty. Only the grease gun needs to be filled with loose grease, which is more complicated.

2.2. Automatic grease guns

Grease press comparison 2018: comparison

The automatic greasing accessory has the advantage of requiring no effort.

Among the automatic presses is especially the electric grease gun, which works with battery and compressed air. In the Compressed air grease gun is from a Compressor compressed air which greatly simplifies the lubrication of threads, chains or joints. In contrast, the Cordless grease gun no cables or hoses and has a similar efficiency.

The advantage of automatic presses is that they require less force than manual presses. Most automatic presses can be filled with both cartridge and grease. The battery grease guns have the advantage that they are very easy to move - compared to the compressed air grease gun, which must be transported by compressor.

3. Purchasing advice for grease guns: You should pay attention

3.1. Type of press

Grease press comparison 2018: comparison

The mini grease gun is particularly effective at lubricating joints.

The cordless grease gun offers the most efficient performance but costs the most. A compressed air grease press requires similarly little effort, but is due to hoses and cables rather stationary used.

So to find the right type of grease gun for you, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • Where do you want to use the tool? The compressed air grease gun can only be used stationary due to the weight of the compressor and the number of cables and hoses. All other grease guns are easy to transport.
  • Number of applications of the grease gun? Presses filled with cartridges are easier to fill and last longer than those that need to be filled with grease.
  • One-handed or two-handed? One-hand grease guns are easier to use but require increased effort.
  • Pressure build-up by own power or automatically? Automatic presses require no physical effort and are thus easier to use.

3.2. equipment


Grease press comparison 2018: grease guns

nozzle tube

Since nozzle pipes are mostly made of steel, they are not flexible, but rigid and inelastic, Because of this rigidity, it is difficult to grease particularly hard to reach places. In easily accessible places, the application proves to be easier. The either curved or straight nozzle tubes are something shorter than tubes, but are already supplied with the matching grease gun mouthpiece.

Grease press comparison 2018: press


To prevent unnecessary lubrication, the mouthpiece is at one end with a nozzle tube or armored hose and at the other endconnected to a grease nipple, However, since there are several types of grease nipples, make sure that your mouthpiece matches the matching grease nipple. m10x1 refers to the most common model of a connection thread. An overview of the different types of grease nipples can be found here.

Grease press comparison 2018: press


In contrast to nozzle pipes is a so-called armored hose flexible and flexible, Similar to a nozzle pipe, most of the hoses have the connection thread M10x1. The advantage of hoses lies in the fact that they are at hard to reach places can be applied.

3.3. Filling the presses

It is important to know how to fill the grease guns as you can choose between a grease cartridge or grease. The manual filling with grease cartridges, which is mainly used in shock-type grease guns, has the advantage of being cheaper, nevertheless We recommend that you choose the grease cartridge, this one:

can be easily transported without lubricating,

clean and can be filled quickly

and sometimes even refillable.

Note: Often the grease guns - whether manual or automatic - can be filled with both grease cartridges and grease.

4. Grease press test of Stiftung Warentest:

Grease press comparison 2018: grease guns

To avoid getting your hands dirty, grease guns are a good choice.

Unfortunately, the largest German testing institute currently has none Fettpressen test That's why we can not give you one Fettpressen test winner present. However you can in the Issue 04/2013even read how useful the use of grease guns is to get equipment such as your bike back to full working order. These include u.a. the Cleaning, securing by a professional, inflating the tire and lubricating the chain.

5. Questions about grease guns

5.1. Which manufacturers are there and what are their brands?

You do not have to opt for the expensive but high-quality presses from Mato, which can cost up to € 1,000, but you can also opt for the mid-range presses from Pressol or the very cheap ones from BGS. Below is a list of several manufacturers who cover every price category with their brands:

  • Pressol
  • BGS
  • Connex
  • hazet
  • Würth
  • Sandia
  • Brothers Mannesmann
  • vidaXL
  • Silverline
  • Milwaukee
  • Mato

5.2. Which fats are recommended?

The composition of fats is important because they should meet certain requirements. We recommend fats depending on the application. Among the properties that have different fats include u.a. the water resistance, Resistance to a certain temperature, Resistance to a certain pressure and the Protective effect against corrosion, Therefore, there are so-called multi-purpose greases, the Mineral oil as a base oil and Lithium as a thickener use, which meet several properties equal.

Tip: Less is sometimes more! Too much grease can damage the shaft seal and does not mean that the lubrication is better than with less grease.

5.3. Cleaning a compressed air grease gun

Grease press comparison 2018: grease guns

For greasing vehicle joints grease guns are well suited.

Regular maintenance is necessary so that the compressed air grease gun continues to serve its purpose and not damaged by friction or corrosion becomes. This means that the press must be covered with a plastic wrap after each use. Before that, however, the press is removed from the compressed air source if it has become dirty.

Use soft and dry cloths when cleaning not to damage the compressed air grease gun with sharp objects.

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