Remove grease stains from the parquet

Did you like chips on the floor or did you miss a single swig of olive oil? With sealed parquet, cleaning should not be a problem. However, if the parquet has leaked or is open-pored for another reason, the fat penetrates deep into the wood. How do you get the grease stain off the parquet?

These home remedies help with greasy stains on parquet

  • absorbent powder such as baby powder, baking powder, potato starch or talc
  • for larger patches coarser, absorbent materials such as sawdust or cat litter
  • the well-tried iron with blotting paper
  • Gasoline or spirit against residual stains
  • the safest method: oil completely (not with varnished parquet!)

Immediately absorb fresh stains!

If you observe the mishap, you should react quickly: Immediately place an absorbent cloth on the soiled area to prevent the worst. Dab with clean areas of the cloth until it absorbs no more fat.

Instructions for removing grease stains on parquet

  • Iron (no steam iron)
  • household brush
  • vacuum cleaner
  • blotting paper
  • Sufficiently many absorbent wipes

1. Absorb

In the case of fresh spots, you can immediately put one of the above mentioned first and second means on the spot. Gently press on, leave to act for a short time and vacuum. Repeat the process two to three times.

Old grease stains on parquet must first be liquefied. Put a piece of blotting paper on the grease stain and iron over it with a low-level iron. Move the paper and iron again.

Repeat the process until no new grease stains appear on the blotter paper. Depending on the size of the stain, you will need several sheets of blotting paper. Alternatively, you can also use a napkin or a kitchen crepe.

2. Complete with benzene or spirit

Give a (small!) Sip of mineral spirits or pure spirit or mixed with a little warm water on the grease stain.

Work in the medium with a brush and then absorb the water immediately (do not let it in!) With a cloth.

Repeat the process until the grease stain disappears.

Remember: you can not spill out the grease stain, just soak it up!

Oil everything

Best of all, the stain disappears between many other stains: when you re-oil your parquet, the likelihood of successful "stain removal" is highest. However, even with unevenly worn parquet, caution is advised: the oil could move in unevenly and thus cause other stains. Here's a guide to oiling your parquet.

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