Remove grease stains on paper

You just ate while working and fat dropped on an important document? That's annoying, especially if it's a signed document that you can not just scan in and wipe away the stain. Maybe one of the following home remedies will help you remove the grease stain from the paper!

These home remedies help with grease stains on the paper

Paper is not known to be washed. Therefore, the stain must be absorbed. The following agents have a sucking function:

  • Iron and blotting paper
  • baby powder
  • chalk
  • food starch
  • baking powder
  • fine-grained salt

So go ahead

  • Blotting paper or alternatively an absorbent cloth
  • one of the mentioned home remedies
  • Iron or hair dryer

1. Heat greasy stain on paper

Fat can only be removed by liquid. If the stain is already older, you must first warm it up first. At most, you can omit this step if the stain is still fresh.

To heat and stain the stain at the same time, place blotting paper or other thin, absorbent material on the stain and iron with a low-level iron over it.

Then move the blotter and iron again. Repeat the process until the paper absorbs no more fat.

If you're in the office and do not have an iron on hand, you can also use a hairdryer or air dryer to heat up the paper. Even a very hot radiator can help. Immediately after warming, move to step two before the greasy stain cools.

2. Give home remedies on a grease stain

Add one of the above-mentioned home remedies in powder form (chalk must be crushed) to the stain and lightly squeeze the powder.

Wait a few minutes and then tap off the paper.

If you want to repeat the process, you must first reheat the paper.

Tips & Tricks

If all of this does not help, all that remains for you is a handle to a correction. With correction fluid or a correction roller also good results can be achieved.

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