Remove smudges

Did you come up with your pants while cycling? That gives nasty smudges. But even those are rauszubekommen with the right home remedy. We present a gentler and a more aggressive cleaning method for stubborn smudges.

These home remedies help against smudges

  • butter or margarine
  • oil
  • benzine
  • turpentine
  • Salmiakgeist
  • Gallseife

1. Instructions for removing smudge: The gentle variant

  • Butter, oil or margarine
  • Kitchen crepe or similar
  • Gall soap, alternative dishwashing liquid
  • blunt knife
  • Washing machine

1. Remove coarse residues

Use a knife and a kitchen crepe to scrape off the excess grease. Make sure that you do not spread the smudge!

2. Oil dissolves oil

Then rub butter, margarine or oil on both sides of the cloth. These greases will combine with the smudge, making it easier to loosen.

Dab a cloth over the stain and pick up oil and grease.

Rub the smudge again with grease if low.

3. Wash out

Then wash out the stain with water that is as hot as possible and some gall soap or detergent and give your good piece (previously rub again with gall soap or drizzle with dish soap) in the washing machine.

Wash it as hot as possible.

2. Instructions for removing smudges: Against persistent

  • Benzine, spirit or turpentine
  • Sufficient disposable disposable towels or cotton wool
  • Gall soap or detergent
  • blunt knife
  • Washing machine

1. Remove leftovers

Remove excess grease as described in Instructions 1, Step 1.

2. Treat smudge

First, test in an invisible area (such as an inner hem) to see if your garment will tolerate the chemicals without losing color. Dab some turpentine, spirit or white spirit with a cloth or cotton ball on it and look at the cotton ball. Did he accept the color of your clothes? Then go to instructions 1. If not, then you can start:

Place several layers of kitchen paper or equivalent on the back of the stain to prevent it from sagging to the other side.

Then put some turpentine, benzine or spirit on the stain and let it work for a few minutes.

Then dab the smudge with a cloth or cotton ball from outside to inside (!).

Change the cotton ball or the spot on the cloth as soon as it has absorbed this greasy color.

Repeat the process until the stain has almost disappeared. The last remnants are done by the washing machine.

3. Post-treatment

Rub some gall soap on the spot or put a few drops of dish soap on it and put your garment into the washing machine. Wash it as hot as you can.

Tips & Tricks

Smudges on upholstery, the sofa or a rug can finally be scrubbed off with dishwashing liquid and a little water. Immediately absorb the water!

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