Great decoration ideas for your bed

When reshaping your bed, it is best to beautify the headboard. There are countless possibilities for this. Here are a few ideas on how to decorate your bed and headboard to crown your bed.

Painted headboard

If your bed does not have a solid headboard, you can easily paint it directly against the wall. If you have talent, you can design a real painting or you can just paint a pretty, imaginative headboard on the wall.

Headboard made of fabric

Alternatively, you can also sew the headboard. So you can even if your bed has a headboard, beautify this. For example, You can sew a patchwork pattern of different fabrics and hang them on the wall or over the existing headboard. Or you just pick a nice, plain fabric. Alternatively, a curtain looks interesting too.

Paintings or photos

Even art or beautiful photos directly above the head of the bed are an eye-catcher. On a rope strung beautiful photos give the bed a casual, alternative touch. Of course it also does a big poster or a nice painting.

lighting effects

It gets pretty romantic when you artfully put a string of lights over your bed. Tip: Make small bags of tissue paper that you put over the individual light bulbs. This dampens the light and looks very nice. Single small shelf parts with candles on it above the bed immerse the bedroom in beautiful, natural light.

Design a cot

When designing a cot, the imagination knows no bounds. With very few resources, you can achieve great effects.

Headboard as a starry sky

Even if the bed has no headboard, you can simply paint one in deep blue on the wall. Glazed with self-luminous stars and finished is the "sky tent". If your child likes to sleep in a little light, you can use a chain of lights instead of the self-luminous stars. By clever attachment you can shape a moon or other.

Improvised four-poster bed for girls

  • Using a nail or similar, attach a long, translucent fabric panel centered about one to a meter and a half above the head of your daughter's bed. Nail the fabric tightly in the middle.
  • Drop the two ends of the fabric on either side of the bed or fasten the sheets with another nail on the right and left, next to the bed.
  • For glitter-loving princesses you can spray the fabric with glitter spray and / or fill with butterflies.
  • Alternatively, you can of course also build a real four-poster bed.

Car bed for boys

Paint your son's bed as if it were a car, with the visible foot or head end the front of the car. It looks especially great if you can get real wheels (from a tricycle or similar) and attach them to the car.

Tips & Tricks

Find out here how you can make your own bed from Euro pallets or how you can make a traditional wooden bed yourself.

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