Prima grouting: the mortar gun

What works well with silicone and silicone syringes, of course, also with other filling materials grouting. In these cases you simply use a mortar gun with a refillable cartridge, instead of the silicone syringe. What these tools cost, where to get them, and what you can use as an alternative, read in this post.

Mortar guns work with pinpoint accuracy and pressure

The cleaner one works in grouting, the less work one has afterwards. This principle applies to many areas.

  • in all work on joints, also in drywall or grouting of slabs or stones
  • when mortifying difficult spots
  • while filling all possible columns

The mortar gun cleanly introduces the filling material through the tip while working under pressure. For manual mortar guns usually 800 ml or 1000 ml cartridges are common, the large compressed air operated variants take in some cases even more.

In terms of price, the low-cost segment starts here with just over 20 euros, good devices also cost slightly 60 euros or more.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • Werkzeug-Profi The tooling professional lives up to its name without further ado - here, above all, there is a professional tool, including a very high-quality mortar gun for around 60 euros.
  • Dichtstoffe-Shop Among all the tools that are needed for the processing of sealants, there are also mortar guns in good quality.
  • Karl Dahm Among other things, the well-known shop also offers a very high quality mortar gun with interchangeable components.

That way you can save costs

Of course, cheap tools do their job just as well as expensive professional devices. In the case of damage, however, you often have to throw away the whole device, whereas with good tools you can almost always get replacement parts for a few euros. That too is a consideration.

Tips & Tricks

You can of course also use a mortar pump with a corresponding attachment instead of a mortar gun. The handling is sometimes even less complicated.

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