Green electricity: benefits and costs

Green electricity - an environmentally friendly alternative

More than 15 percent of all consumers hope to find not only a cheaper alternative to the previous electricity provider with a change in electricity supplier. Instead, they deliberately opt for an environmentally friendly alternative - green electricity. has put together for you the most important information including tariff calculator on green electricity. Our tips make it easier for you to change providers.

Save money and at the same time protect the environment - this is possible with green electricity. Because electricity from the green electricity provider does not necessarily have to be more expensive than a conventional product. Green electricity providers rely on renewable energies. The electricity is therefore generated 100 percent from hydro, wind, solar, geothermal and biomass.

Meanwhile, almost all major electricity providers have included a green electricity tariff in their offer. But those who opt for this environmentally friendly alternative will not be supplied directly with green electricity. Rather, it's about ensuring that the same amount of green electricity is fed into the grid that the customer also takes. However, with a green electricity tariff, the customer helps to support the expansion of renewable energy systems.

Find green electricity providers with the tariff calculator

With the Verivox tariff calculator you can display the cheapest green electricity provider and their respective certificates in just a few minutes. All you have to do is click on the small tab "green electricity" in the tariff calculator, enter your annual consumption and postal code, and you will be shown the best deals. Then there are only a few steps to change provider.

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