Remove green cover from the wooden fence

Wood in the outdoor area always puts on some moss over time. Depending on the location, the moss can also adhere firmly to the wood. There are several methods to gently remove the moss from the wood again. But the result is often short-lived, because the moss often comes back quickly. How to remove the green cover, we show here.

Step by step removing green cover from the wooden fence

  • dish soap
  • Green Growth
  • Dethatcher
  • Wurzelbürste
  • garden hose
  • bucket
  • broom

1. soaking

Especially with hardened green coverings on the fence, you should first soak the wood a bit. Wet the fence and wait for the moss to soak. If there is only a slight hint of moss on the wooden fence, you can skip this step as well.

2. Clean

Light moss traces are easily removed with a little detergent in a bucket of lukewarm water. Use a coarse root brush and scrub the wooden slat for wood slat with the rinse water. The second advantage is the simultaneous destruction of grass and weeds under the fence. This is also killed by the soapy water.

2.1. Solid moss deposits

If you have well soaked the solid moss deposits, apply a greenery or moss remover on the wood. Depending on the cleaner, this agent must have a different duration. If the coating turns gray, the exposure time is usually sufficient. Do not listen to tips that advise you to remove the green cover with an orbital sander. As a result, the moss is not killed, but only ground smooth. After a lot of work it sprouts on.

3. Rinse off

The fence wood must be rinsed off after cleaning, so that not only the moss and all lichens come down from the wood, but also the remains of the cleaner or detergent. Do not save with water while rinsing and scrub affected areas over and over again with the root brush.

Tips & Tricks

If you have thoroughly cleaned the wooden fence, the wood must always be protected again. By cleaning, you have opened the pores of the wood and moisture and new moss could otherwise penetrate unhindered into the wood. Therefore, the wood should be re-painted after drying with a high-quality wood protection.

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