Gray paving stones buy cheap

The cement and rock mixtures from which concrete pavers are cast are gray in their original form. Concrete plants and manufacturers offer this color scheme for the cheapest price. The cheapest natural stones include granites and basalts in shades of gray.

Many shades of gray

The most well-known of these is the light middle gray, which consists of concrete composite stones such as bone stones or grass pavers. These non-pigmented paving stones, also produced in rectangular or round shapes, are the cheapest. While gray concrete paving stones are available from six euros per square meter, the price range for stones in other colors starts at around eight euros. Depending on the mixing ratio of the concrete plant, paving stones may vary in their gray. To avoid color differences on your pavement surfaces, you should buy all paving stones from the same manufacturer, and preferably from the same tranche. When natural stone, the irregularities are wanted and so gray paving stones can be combined.

Cheap prices for standard color

The advent of gray paving stones is high and the concrete blocks are mass-produced and offered reasonably priced. Often you will also find special promotions or remaining stock in a large selection. Some offers - also for natural stones - can be found here:

  • Gray grained plate ornaments Umbriano made of concrete for 43,90 Euro / sqm
  • Vianova polar gray made of water-blasted concrete for 12,50 Euro / sqm
  • Concrete rectangular paving gray from 6,65 Euro / sqm
  • various basalt patches from 22,50 Euro / sqm
  • Gray granite patch medium grain for 107,58 Euro / ton (3-8qm)

Gray available everywhere

If you want to acquire paving stone in gray color, you will also find in hardware stores such as Hellweg, Praktiker, Obi, Toom, Bauhaus or Hellweg. Building material stores carry gray paving stones in their standard range and there are remaining items on the private market, which you can find in regional classifieds. The color gray as flooring is a suitable and often decorative flooring. Gray offers a contrast to the environment and supports, for example, the effect of green plants, has optical insensitivity and has a restrained effect.

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