Grill accessories: We grill it!

Grill accessories: We grill it!: accessories

Yummy Grilled Meat: Delicious is what hisses tasty!

The Kitchen Atlas Blogparade asks, we answer!
When we first came across the blog parade of Küchen Atlas, it was clear to us that we would have to give our barbecue mustard here. Actually a great idea: Why not even talk about your own cooking habits? Hopefully many others will participate in the blog parade, because we are curious what they do! When it comes to learning how to make even more meat even more delicious, we like to look outside the box.

With which we grill
One swears by gas, the other by electricity. We at swear by the good, old charcoal. Nothing beats the classic grilling procedure: tearing open the cardboard bag - smack in the charcoal - cough! We make it relatively easy, the technical innovations are not for us. A grill that works so clean that you can almost run it in the living room is simply not a grill. Incomprehensible that you can get a chop with electricity at all.

Turning meat around: All tongs or what?
The do-it-yourself bloggers already have all their peculiarities regarding the handling of the food. Caroline likes it more cautious, with gloves and barbecue tongs, Andreas hands the tongs without gloves. And what the Grilldude does, we do not want to spread here, because that is not recommended for imitation. He wanted to set up a contest: Who can turn most chunks of meat without tongs.
If any of you hear a loud scream, then it's the dude who's overestimated again. But one good thing is that since he practiced the extreme turning, he no longer needs to shave his arms.

"I have made a fire!" - With which we start the flames

Grill accessories: We grill it!: Atlas

Grilldude does not do things by halves: even without methylated spirits, the punk goes down in the grill kettle!

Grill meat and burn your own? Totally not! When you approach us with the highest safety standards. Liquid fuel, igniter liquid and the like have nothing to do on the grill. High percentage comes at most in the stomach, but is never sprayed on the grill with us. Especially not in the open fire. Since you can just as easily facilitate from a bridge - and thereby meet the overhead line of the railway!
We take grill lighter, which look a bit like the white shortening of a well-known brand. They are put in the coals and lit - biscuit eaten! One drawback: At the advanced hour, increased alcohol level and dark, they can easily be mistaken for white chocolate.

What is being grilled?
The Grilldude expresses it simply: Everything that had eyes! Belly meat, pork chops, sausages and juicy beef steaks. Well, Karoline is more likely to be there with a salad. But at least she is so sensible and does not throw the greens on the grill, but leaves the sizzling good meat. By and large, we can say that we eat a well-balanced diet while having a barbecue. What we crush boys on meat, Karo compensates through the salad again. So it's not about perfect teamwork.

Sauces and co
We do not want to sneak around now and call any brands. Above all, we do not know whether the good kitchen brands want to be associated with such a Chaotentrupp as with us. But grilling sauces - like our Knorr competition - are compulsory! We like barbeque sauces in the first place. Garlic and chili sauces are also delicious. What we just do not like, are so-called sweet-sour experiments, because you just go to the Chinese.

As sponsors of the Grillcamp 2012, we definitely have a big heart for barbecues and an even bigger stomach for the delicious results. Oh yes, and if you have something to say about grilling too, then just join the blog parade. But you have to hurry, because the deadline is June 30!

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