Grillcamp 2012: Steak is not the same steak

A week has passed since I returned from the barbecue camp in Hamburg to the Rhine. A period of time that I spent mainly on digestion. First of all, I would like to express my sincere condolences to all who have missed this culinary highlight. But do not panic: There will be a new edition next year.

Since the Grillcamp 2012 was the first of its kind in Germany, the principle is briefly explained again: It is basically like a barbecue with friends, but it takes two days and the selection of Grillbarem is almost inexhaustible. I've never eaten so much meat in so many variations in just one weekend. The side dishes were not too short, so the event is definitely recommended for vegetarians.

Grillcamp 2012: Steak is not the same steak: steak

Our Eight Grill Camp Test Steaks.

A barbecue camp is, like Barcamps too, an event to get involved. Each participant may (and should) share his ideas and experiences and try them out directly in a barbecue session. I had not really thought about what to do until the morning of the first day of the camp, as I do not necessarily consider my sporadic hobby barbecue as a reference for expertise in the field. I quickly realized that it did not matter at all, because experimenting and experimenting in the end led to the most interesting (and tastiest) results. And since there was no shortage of meat, God, I threw my modest restraint abruptly overboard and a sack full of steaks on the grid.

The idea is not new: Can you get decent results with cheap steaks? We tested eight different steaks from different suppliers. German Fährse, US beef, New Zealand beef and German entrecote from the butcher, as well as four comparative steaks from well-known discounters - in detail: beef steak, entrecote, American and Irish beef steak. Granted, there are already class differences in the preselection, which we had to take into account in the review, of course.

As barbecue enthusiasts with academic aspirations, we have previously subjected the product to an exact measurement to determine the weight loss of each steak. In the taste test, every session participant (or who else went by the grill) was allowed to name three favorites, but as blind tasting, ie without knowledge of the origin and the respective quality class. Here are the results in the summary (steak, weight before, weight after, shrinkage in percent, votes):

  1. German Fährse, butcher, 205 gr> 159 gr, -22%, 1 vote
  2. US beef, butcher, 262 gr> 224 gr, -15%, 3 votes
  3. New Zealand beef, butcher, 230 gr> 193 gr, -16%, 5 votes
  4. German Entrecote (Dry Age), butcher, 236 gr> 226 gr, -4%, 5 votes
  5. Cattle hip steak, discount store, 120 gr> 106 gr, -12%, 3 voices
  6. Entrecote, discounter, 216> 191 gr, -12%, 2 votes
  7. American beef, discount store, 322 gr> 307 gr, -5%, 0 votes
  8. Irish beef steak, discount store, 225 gr> 179 gr, -20%, 5 votes

Grillcamp 2012: Steak is not the same steak: 2012

Sexy: Homemade Dry Age Entrecote.

Eight barbecue camp participants took part in the tasting, with three votes per nose, 24 votes cast. As expected, the expensive pieces from the butcher were ahead - but less than expected. At 12%, the average weight loss of discounted meat was even slightly below that of fresh produce (14%). To be fair, it must be said that the meat from the butcher was also a bit richer than the discounted meat, which is indeed desirable when grilling, but leads to some more loss. All in all, the butcher meat was much more tender than the discounted products.

Especially the entrecote and the American beef from the discounter failed in the test, because they came along pretty schuhsohlig. We were positively surprised by the Irish beef steak from a well-known German discounter ("First to...!"). For a supermarket product absolutely recommended! The emphasis here is on "for a discount product," the bird clearly shot the New Zealand Beef and the self-made Dry Age Entrecote, both of which were hard to beat in terms of taste intensity and tenderness. - However, they cost twice as much.


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