Grilled meat - This is how meat is grilled properly

So meat is grilled properly

Grilled meat - This is how meat is grilled properly: this

Welded grilled meats, sausages in a pack of ten or twenties: For many consumers, the mass-produced goods ends up in the shopping basket when they stir up the desire to grill. No wonder, given the bright sun that Germany is currently heating up. Spontaneously, many are attracted to shopping in the supermarket or after closing time even in the next gas station.

But the disadvantages are obvious: A self-service counter can never cater to the needs of consumers with prepacked goods; They also buy the cat in a sack here. The great offer, the daily availability and the possibility of individual pre-order are besides freshness, quality and trustworthiness decisive arguments to buy from the local butcher.

Before buying, you should seriously consider, instead of just thinking about where the grill sausage or steak to get the quickest and cheapest. For example, drinks and meat supplements are already so rich that most consumers choose lean and high-quality meats when they think about it. The local butcher is the competent partner.

It's also worth thinking about where the meat comes from. Meat at discount prices can hurt everyone - because of the tremendous price pressure it generates.

Purchase of grilled meats and sausages

A few basic tips on what to look for when shopping and barbecuing:

  1. Sausages and steaks quickly transported home - in the hot car in the cooler bag - and best fresh on the same day barbecue.
  2. When storing temporarily, make sure that the refrigerator is cold enough in spring and summer - the temperature should never rise above six to seven degrees Celsius.
  3. Pre-packed sausages and packaged meat are to be treated with caution, especially because of the preservatives - they can trigger allergies in the worst case. In addition, they often contain excessively high fat, because often inferior meat is processed - the lower the price, the more likely it is that the raw material of rather dubious origin and goodness.
  4. The industrial processing of pre-packaged grilled sausages and steaks loses the typical meaty taste - instead it is overly spiced with the result that everything tastes just like paprika or salt. Do not grill casseroles, bacon or ham! The nitrite curing salt contained here transforms into carcinogenic nitrosamines at high temperatures.

Grill rules

Grilled meat - This is how meat is grilled properly: this

A grilled steak from the charcoal grill

Every third German indulges in culinary fun. Most people grill at least once a month, preferably with friends. Whether in the home garden or at public barbecue areas - a barbecue event creates the perfect balance to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The absolute racer on the grid is meat. Marinated pork steaks top the charts here, followed closely by pickled schnitzels, chops, beef steaks and fried sausages. And so that the pieces of meat also succeed perfectly, here are the five most important questions and answers:

Grilled meat - This is how meat is grilled properly: grilled

Always pay attention to safe handling of fire and burning coal.

  1. What to look for when buying meat? Basically every meat can be grilled. Marbled pieces, that is the ones with the small fat veins, are especially juicy.
  2. When does the meat come on the charcoal grill? The coals must not smoke anymore and must be covered with a white ash layer.
  3. How long must meat and sausages be on the grid? Steaks need about four to six minutes per side before they are cooked through, thinner pieces of meat about three minutes per side. Sausages should be grilled on each side for four to five minutes.
  4. How do you know that the meat is cooked? Simply press with the fork on the meat. If it feels soft, it is still raw in the core. Is there something after, it is medium. If it feels solid, it is also thoroughly cooked inside.
  5. Why not grill a cured meat? At high grill temperatures, the protein components of meat and sausage can react with parts of pickling salt. This makes it possible that harmful substances arise. That's why Kasseler, Wiener or Bockwurst are taboo for the grill.

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