BBQ in Japan - Customs and Recipes - Yakitori and Teppan Yaki

Japanese Grilling: Yakitori and Teppan Yaki

Japanese dishes are delicious - and healthy.

Yakitori - Far Eastern chicken skewers

BBQ in Japan - Customs and Recipes - Yakitori and Teppan Yaki: yaki

Raw fish is not for everyone. However, if you want to try the Japanese cuisine, you can fall back on a popular in Asia barbecue recipe that requires no special knowledge and can be easily prepared in this country.

Yakitori is a widespread Asian specialty that varies widely. The traditional Yakitori consists of chicken and vegetablesthat on skewers - called "Kushi" - be plugged and then be grilled.

Chest, wings or liver, alternating with Peppers, onions or asparagus are the usual ingredients. This includes one Dipwhich is typically made from Mirin, a light Japanese sweet rice wine that is used only for cooking, as well sugar and soy sauce consists.

Preparing chicken kebabs Yakitori

BBQ in Japan - Customs and Recipes - Yakitori and Teppan Yaki: yaki

Before the barbecue, the Sauce mixture also on the skewers applied, which makes the meat very tender.

If you prefer other meats, fish, seafood or vegetarian grilled food, you can proceed in the same way and assemble spits according to your own taste. This is also offered at the popular street stalls in Tokyo today. Tofu and mushrooms are also used there.

Once the grill is hot, the Yakitori skewers always refilled and crispy be cooked. That is delicious and healthy. And it ensures - even under German summer sky - for Far Eastern atmosphere.

Grill tips from the professional:

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