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  • Every blade that needs to be cut has to be sharp - but sharpness is a fleeting good. Only by regular grinding a knife or an ax remains sharp and ready for use.
  • For sharpening blades, electric knife sharpeners, grindstones or a sharpening steel are suitable. The most classic variant is the grinding or whetstone, which is also referred to as water whetstone, since it is usually used when wet.
  • With a grindstone set (stones with different grain sizes) you can miss both your ax and your kitchen knives a pre-grinding and fine grinding.

Whetstone comparison 2018: comparison

A blade is characterized by its sharpness. Depending on the quality of the blade steel, the edge retention may vary, but Sooner or later, all cutting edges must be ground or sharpened The more frequent, the better, since the grinding process becomes more and more demanding with increasing wear.

Cost of professional grinding of blades:

The price for sharpening individual knives or other blades may be low, but those who do not want to work with blunt tools often have to grind them, which in turn makes their wallet noticeable.

Whetstone comparison 2018: whetstone

  • 2 to 4 euros: Knife with 8 cm blade length (also Damascus or ceramic blades)
  • 5 to 8 euros: large knives with serrated edge (such as bread knife or universal knife)
  • 6 to 8 euros: complex knives (such as large hunting or pocket knives)
  • 10 to 15 euros: extremely sharp knives (especially razors or scalpels)
  • 15 to 20 euros: big scissors or axes (for example hedge trimmers)

Anyone who does not only resort to a chef's knife once a quarter can do so over the years Save a lot of money by grabbing the grindstone yourself, What to look out for, if you want to buy a cheap grindstone, see our 2018 grindstone comparison.

1. Never again blunt knives: Anyone who buys a grindstone determines the sharpness of his knives themselves

You do not have to be a designated sharpener or virtuoso with the knife to accurately serve a sharpening or honing stone. It only takes a bit of practice and the necessary knowledge to successfully complete a grindstone test.

If you do not use an electric knife sharpener, but prefer to grind the knife traditionally When grinding, you should do the following:

  1. Whetstone comparison 2018: 2018

    Only with a well-ground knife, you can work clean and accident-free, as clearly less pressure when cutting is necessary.

    Preparation: Before you whet a good kitchen knife on your personal whetstone test winner, you need to make some arrangements. Do you own one Oil or waterstone? Then moisten same according to the manufacturer's instructions. What grit has the grindstoneyou want to use, and which cut does the knife have?that needs to be hone? What angle (in degrees) should be selected during grinding, so that the cutting bevel (the sharp cutting surface from which the knife burr is removed) assumes the optimum width? Find out more in chapter 2 of this guide!

  2. Use grindstone: After the preparation you can start with the actual grinding. Grab the knife with both hands and run it under deductions of the grinding angle over the grindstone. The speed does not matter; pay attention instead a smooth movement, in which the pressure remains unchanged, If you have a knife ground on both sides, then turn the knife and continue on the other side.
  3. Check the ridge: Wipe the blade regularly with a cloth and use your thumb (please be very careful here) along the ridge. On Gritstone with coarse grain provides more abrasion and, when used correctly, creates a smooth burr over the entire chamfer.
  4. The finishing touch: After using a coarse grindstone, the insert followsa whetstone with fine grain, Grind the blade as usual and remove the burr. The result of this procedure is a sharp knife in your hands that allows for clean cuts again.

Whetstone comparison 2018: 2018

The care of a blade:

Whether Santoku, steak, ceramic, filleting, meat or fish knife: A high quality blade should always be handled with care, Here are some tips for the correct handling of a high-quality knife:

  • a high quality knife is allowed never in the dishwasher
  • the blade must be after each use washed off and dried become
  • oxidizing steel must cared for with oil be mindful - with blade oil
  • a knife shouldsafely stored be in a block of knives
  • the more often you enter to sharpen a knifethe less effort the sanding takes (often a fine grain size is enough to sharpen the bevel)

Whetstone comparison 2018: grinding

2. Water grindstone, serrated edge and grindstone holder: The best grindstone

First, the question arises, which blades can be sharpened with a grindstone:

Tools with bladesto sand?

Whetstone comparison 2018: comparison

Ordinary knives can be easily sharpened with grindstones. Special attention is needed only for serrated blades (such as bread knives) or ceramic knives.

The latter should be for example not without diamond whetstone or diamond knife sharpener, since ceramic can break too easily. The Stiftung Warentest also recommends sharpening steel for cutlery at home (more on this subject can be found in our sharpening steel comparison).

Whetstone comparison 2018: 2018

Axes or hatchets As with knives, they must be regularly sharpened so that work with the wood can be done quickly and safely.

As the weight of the ax head increases, sharpening the blade becomes harder. The grinding of heavy axes becomes much easier through the use of a electric blade sharpener.

Whetstone comparison 2018: 2018

Scissors or garden or all-purpose scissors They are often in use and are often used to cut hard materials - regular sanding is especially important here.

Depending on Texture of the scissors blades The work on the grindstone is made difficult, but not impossible. When sanding, pay attention to which side you are sanding, as scissors often have only one-sided sanding.

Whetstone comparison 2018: whetstone

hedge shears are often stored long in the tool shed and exposed to constant humidity. No wonder then that they have problems with thicker branches in February.

Also with hedge trimmers: A straight cut is easier to machine than a serrated edge, If you use a very high-quality hedge trimmer with serrated edge, we recommend a visit to the scissors grinder - the price is about 17 €, however, so high that it can exceed the price of a solid hedge trimmer.

Whetstone comparison 2018: grinding

Tool blades such as lawnmower knives are essential for working in the garden or in the house. But not every blunt blade can be replaced as easily as a cutter knife.

With a little experience, even larger blades can be easily sharpened and to suit individual needs, especially as regards the grinding angle and thus the cutting results.

With a grindstone set you get every blade sharp: True, the use of a grindstone still requires real manual labor, but the high flexibility of this tool This effort more than makes up for it. With the right set of grindstones, you can sharpen almost any knife or blade.

Whetstone comparison 2018: whetstone

Types of grindstones

Grindstone is not the same as grindstone. Essentially, three types of sharpening stones can be differentiated; the following table gives you an idea:

European water and oil stoneJapanese water stoneDiamond grindstone

Whetstone comparison 2018: blade

Whetstone comparison 2018: comparison

Whetstone comparison 2018: blade

  • Soaked in water or oil for about 15 minutes
  • irregular, natural texture
  • Hard bonding of the abrasive grains, low wear
  • Always soak the whetstone in water
  • soft bond of the abrasive grains
  • effective grinding with fast wear
  • usually without water in use
  • high removal, little wear - but expensive
  • Grindstone only coated with diamond
Another category of grindstones:, Although suitable classic natural stones (for example, made of blue slate) especially for the fine sharpening of knives, but their popularity has declined not least because of the natural susceptibility to errors (which is common in natural products).

A question of grain

The Turnstone: Two grits in a stone

Whetstone comparison 2018: 2018

A turning stone is higher than a solid stone and has two different sides - each provided with a different grain size.

With such a turning stone you can do both the pre-grinding and the fine grinding without having to change the tool. But these stones are less handy and harder to transport.

The grain of a grindstone is at its heart because it determines how fine a blade can be ground. The grain size is indicated by two units: JIS and FEPA.

JIS: Japanese Industrial Standard (Japanese measure)

  • 400 JIS - rough grinding
  • 3,000 JIS - fine grinding

FEPA: Fédération Européenne of Fabricants de Produits Abrasifs (European dimension)

  • 260 FEPA - rough grinding
  • 1,000 FEPA - fine grinding

Basically, that applies a higher grain size ensures less abrasion: Low abrasion is important if you want to fine-tune a knife with a light burr, for example.

The lower the value of the grain, the coarser the grinding becomes. If you want to test a coarse grindstone, you should choose a severely damaged blade, such as an old hedge trimmer. The high abrasion helps to form a clean burr, which is then removed with a fine sanding.

Safety tip: The grindstone holder

Sharpening a knife is a dangerous operation and should only be done with the greatest care be made.

Since the use of water can make the work surface wet and slippery, we recommend the use of a non-slip grindstone holder, which can sometimes be offered as a grinding aid in the grinding stone set, but can also be bought separately.

Work on one Non-slip water or whetstone is much safer, especially if you want to grind a large kitchen knife.

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