Grinding stone holder build yourself - that's how it works

If you own valuable and high-quality knives, be careful not to make any mistakes when grinding. A free-guided grindstone often does not provide enough accuracy when grinding - it should be better in a holder. How to build such a holder yourself, read in this post.

Purpose of grindstone holders

Especially if you want to grind very carefully and exactly, holding the grindstone by hand is not always sufficient. In principle, you should always use both hands to guide the knife, because only then can the required grinding angle be exactly maintained.

The grindstone should be firmly fixed in this case in a holder. To fix the grindstone, however, not much effort is needed.

Simplest materials

So that the grindstone can rest safely on the surface, a correspondingly stable surface is necessary. The best way to use wooden boards, even better from Resopal as a base for the grindstone.

To prevent slipping, you can simply stick slip stopper (feet) under the plate. In most cases, a larger grindstone will be well and stable on its surface due to its own weight.

The base can also be covered with a soft material - so that the grindstone can also lie there non-slip. A good option is floor wipes that are simply stuck to the surface. This is best used contact adhesive.

More elaborate holders

Grinding stone holders can of course also be produced in other ways and from other materials:

  • Carve (and possibly decorate)
  • made of ceramic
  • made of soapstone

In all these cases, however, the holder must be designed so that the grindstone can not move in it. The holder must then be made to measure.

Tips & Tricks

Grindstone holders can of course also be ready to buy. The cost is not very high - and you save the time you need to build yourself.

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