Grind grooves and surfaces of the decking

When sanding decking, the usual grooves present the question of how to preserve them. A common belt, rotary or orbital sander is not suitable because it produces a complete removal. Special machines work with an intensive brushing technique that comes close to grinding.

Grooves obtained as slip protection

If smaller areas or single worn or dirty areas are to be sanded, manual work in detail is required in most cases. With soiled and / or added grooves, grinding-like results can be achieved with wire brushes. As an electrically operated device, a so-called Dremel can be used.

A Dremel is a hand tool that uses its motor to drive a fast rotating axle onto which a special grinding head is mounted. With this conically tapering grinding head, the groove interior is ground by being pulled along in the grooves and can optionally be deepened. Often the wire brush or the Dremel is more for cleaning than sanding the decking, since only the dirt is removed.

How to sand your decking

  • abrasive
  • If necessary, degreasing detergent
  • Brass wire brush
  • Dremel
  • Profibürstmaschine
  • surface grinding machine

1. Brush off

Before actually sanding and sanding the wood, you should try brushing to renovate and recondition the decking. With brass brushes or a special professional brushing machine you can machine the surfaces without significant grinding.

2. Grind grooves

If the grooves in your decking are greasy or gray, use a Dremel to sand the grooves one at a time. If you later sand down the surfaces, you should deepen the grooves. Remove any sanding on the bottom of each groove that approximates the expected sanding on the surface. As a guideline, 0.5 millimeters are a reasonable strength.

3. Sand off the wooden floor

When sanding the surfaces of the decking, you must make sure that you do not "level out" the grooves. You may have to rework the grooves after surface grinding.

Tips & Tricks

Professional carpenters and terrace builders have oscillation grinding machines in which profile pieces adapted to the groove or corrugated pattern can be clamped. These devices can only be rented from specialist suppliers of construction equipment rental, where they are often offered as multifunction or joint grinders.

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