Concrete ground anchor with foundation or base

When concreting in a ground anchor, the object to be fastened decides the extent of the work. While a regular concrete foundation is necessary for load-bearing supports such as a carport or garden shed, a small concrete base may be sufficient for ground anchors for rotary dryers or screen fastenings.

Concrete foundation or concrete base

A ground anchor is usually a stainless steel or galvanized part. It is inserted into the concrete and is firmly connected to the concrete after setting and curing. The same requirements apply to the construction of a concrete foundation as to a point foundation for other superstructures.

When laying in the ground anchor, it is important to have a perfect fit in the still soft concrete, which must be secured until it sets. This can be achieved with tools in the concrete or by an external support structure. A careful multiple compacting of the concrete is urgently needed. It must be ensured that in the concreted part of the ground anchor no cavities remain.

For smaller concrete anchors, such as weights, to attach a parasol to strings, usually pouring a concrete base is sufficient. If a concrete foundation is cast, it should be frost-free.

To concretize a concrete anchor

  • foundation concrete
  • ground anchor
  • If necessary, screws / connecting bolts
  • Maybe tower stone
  • Maybe wooden slats
  • Betonierwerkzeug

1. Excavation or box formwork

For a foundation, lift a forty-by-forty-centimeter square pit eight inches deep. For a concrete base you build a shuttering in the desired size. Justify the foundation with gravel, gravel or grit and condense the foundations.

2. Aufsatzstein or support structure

Depending on the type of ground anchor to be inserted, place one or more attachment stones in the center of the pit. On this "turret" place the ground anchor at the correct height. Alternatively and for concrete base, they build wooden strips a double cross, in which they can insert or anchor the anchor.

3. concreting

Fill the pit or casing to the bottom edge of the concrete anchor and compact the concrete. Fill the concrete around the ground anchor in approximately ten centimeters increments. Press the concrete into any voids of the metal workpiece.

Tips & Tricks

Apply any foundation of any kind, frost-proof. This requires a minimum depth of forty centimeters and a gravel or grit foundation under the concrete.

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