Use grout against weeds

On tiled and paved surfaces, weeds often present a troublesome side effect. Grout mortar helps to prevent growth. Special paving joint mortars can be used in waterproof or water-permeable version. As an afterthought, ants also block the possibility of undermining plates.

Chemical additives are not necessary

Weed in joints is persistent and keeps growing amazingly fast. Scrap removal is cumbersome. Due to the rooting in most cases after work, the joints must also be refilled.

Open joints have the advantage of allowing normal rainfall to seep away when the laying mortar has been made permeable to water. This property does not have to be stopped with joint mortar that stops weeds. Even air and water permeable products seal against weed growth.

Paving joint mortars are available on the market, containing special chemical additives to prevent weeds from growing. These aggregates are not required when properly grouted with a "neutral" grout. In some cases, the aggregates are even counterproductive because they interfere with the "natural" setting of cement and sand.

Remove growth basis

Roughly speaking, the "most ecological" solution to weed prevention consists of fine sand, which is easily enriched with cement as a binder. Even a sandy grout gives the weeds and the corresponding seeds little attack and growth opportunity.

If clean grout entries are taken care of before grouting and, above all, there is no longer any viable garden or mother earth in it, the weed is almost done away with. In order to avoid dusting during the binding phase, after grouting the area should be protected against ground flight. This can already be ensured by the area stretched plastic bands of about twenty inches in height.

Aids and rule of thumb

As a precautionary measure, close-meshed weed fleece can be laid on the gravel or gravel layer before laying the slabs or stones. It is usually enough to place strips under the later joints.

For craftsmen, the rule of thumb is that the more process-friendly a mortar works, the more threatening is its weed-preventing effect. When processing paving grout, the rules should apply as for any other mortar.

Tips & Tricks

When applying waterproof grout, be sure to consider the slope of the paved or laid surface. A gradient of one to two percent prevents backwater.

Product Image: Ishtvan Rishko / Shutterstock

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