Coloring joints - this is how wet rooms become like new!

Over time, joints become unsightly and formerly white joints can turn yellow and stained. Then it's time to dye the joints. This is also a good solution if the color does not match the taste.

Change joint color

For a long time, the joints in the bathroom and kitchen were always gray. Then came a beige or brown phase in both the joints and the tiles themselves. As the fashions change, so does our taste.

But tiles can not be re-glued every year. Then the handyman can at least change the color of the joint. This makes it possible to completely change the entire room and the effort is within tolerable limits.

Clean and repair joints

Before the joints can be colored, they must first be thoroughly cleaned. Subsequently, small damages in the joints should be repaired. It makes no sense to color heavily damaged joints.

Then it is better to scratch out or cut out the joints completely and completely re-grout. So you can choose the joint color that best suits the tile decor.

Dyeing and protecting tiles

From intact well glazed tiles, the joint color can be wiped off easily, as long as it has not dried yet. But if it is a natural stone, slate or unglazed tiles, the joint must be accurately accurately colored.

Either choose a narrow brush or glue off the tiles completely. Of course, both are extremely tedious and time consuming.

Joint pin for minor damage

If white joints are slightly yellowed or stained, you can use a joint pin to paint over individual areas. Since these pins are not completely opaque, this method is not suitable to color the joints completely new.

Colorize joints - choose the right color

  • White - almost always fits
  • Green - good to the beige / brown tones
  • Red - to white tiles
  • Black - to slate tiles and marble
  • Blue - white or pale yellow tiles

Tips & Tricks

Rethink the choice of color exactly. You have to look at it for a few years. If you want to play it safe, or if you want to renew the joint color in rented rooms, you should select white or gray as the joint color.

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