Remove grout - this is how it works

If individual tiles are to be replaced, especially the grout must be thoroughly removed. But even if you have the misfortune that grout after the tiles swelled out and dried, it must be laboriously removed.

Remove grout immediately

When adding grout, be sure to remove the excess mortar immediately. Later, this is only possible with a variety of mechanical means, which at the same time bear the risk of damage to the tiles.

Power Tools

For some tools, such as the Dremel, there are special attachments that allow you to set both the width and the depth to be milled.

This makes it much easier to remove even the last dried-on grout without damaging the tiles. Of course, this is only worthwhile with expensive tiles that are contaminated with a lot of grout.

Remove grout step by step

Which tool really works for your case depends, on the one hand, on whether you want to remove old joint residues when replacing tiles, or new grout directly after grouting.

On the other hand, the width of the respective joint is just as crucial as the sensitivity of the tiles and tiles around it. So you will not need all the tools listed below.

  • scraper
  • spatula
  • electric cutters
  • scraper
  • hammer
  • chisel

1. Joint scraper

In the first step you should try it with a joint scraper. If possible, adjust the selected tool to the width of the joint. So there is less damage to the tiles.

2. Hammer and chisel

With a narrow chisel or possibly a discarded flat-head screwdriver, you can also carefully scrape narrower joints.

Use the hammer as carefully and rarely as possible. If the chisel is too wide, you will quickly have a notch in the surrounding tiles.

3. Electric Mills

The increase of the measures described above is of course the electric cutter. But you really should not use this until the other gentler attempts have failed.

If you have to work many places and do not want to damage precious new tiles, you should consider buying a suitable attachment for the electric cutter. The costs are finally recouped by rescuing the tiles and tiles.

Tips & Tricks

As banal as it may sound, the best way to remove grout is when you apply it. Unfortunately, this is really the only time when the grout is easy to remove.

If the worst case occurs and you really have at all joints a thick overhang of grout you can either immediately re-tile or mill the joints and paint the tiles with a tile color to cover the damage.

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