Remove grout with chemical binders from tiles

In addition to pure mortar made of sand, water and the binders lime and cement, there are grout that contains plastic binder and resins. Silicone is a typical example. Depending on the ingredients and the nature of the tiles, removal is only possible with aggressive tools. For some tiles, contamination must be avoided at all costs.

Try with different methods

The removal of veils from joint mortar with conventional lime and cement mortar, depending on the surface texture, with acidic cleaning agents or mechanical polishing possible. Applying a grout that has resins or other chemical binders can cause these methods to fail.

Grout can consist of many ingredients. Many hardened and dried substances can only be processed mechanically and laminated with care products. Classic tools are:

  • Sharp spatula
  • wire brush
  • Wire brush attachment for drilling machine
  • abrasive
  • Cutter or wallpaper knife
  • razor blade
  • silicone scratches
  • Iron and blotting paper
  • Steinöl
  • baby oil
  • dish soap
  • ice spray
  • ice cubes
  • vinegar
  • acetone

Absorbing and icing often help

Resin-containing grouts can be liquefied by heating and absorb absorbent or dabbing. It should be noted that the liquefaction does not become too strong and the grout will seep into porous open surfaces. Short heating intervals with as complete a recording as possible are helpful. Conventional exercise book blotter is too thin. Thick special erosion paper from crafting or so-called nonwoven paper from the industry is better.

When removing grout on tiles, the trial and error method must be used. Some plastics and chemical elements react to freezing and others to heating. In some cases, an alternate procedure can best dissolve the residues and contaminants.

Lamination of remaining tracks

The removal of grout from tiles is often not completely possible. In many cases, a kind of compromise between appearance and cleanliness must be made. If discoloration or visible structural changes appear on the surfaces during cleaning, the actual cleaning should be discontinued in favor of laminating. For this purpose, on surfaces with open pores especially fatty substances such as oils are suitable.

Tips & Tricks

When you process chemical ingredients by heating and scraping, harmful or toxic fumes and particles are always produced. Only use with respiratory and eye protection and keep children and pets away.

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