Joint compound with epoxy resin - higher load capacity guaranteed

Epoxy resin is extremely versatile and therefore penetrates all areas of life. Even when grouting patio slabs and sidewalks, the epoxy resin is now a great help. The good old grout based on cement has thus almost been replaced by the market. The epoxy grout is significantly more resilient and saves pulling the weeds.

Resilience or processing

In the selection of grout based on epoxy resin home improvement has to decide today between a particularly high load capacity and ease of processing. The processing of 2-component grout is more complex, but the durability of the joints is significantly higher.

Meanwhile, there is both the 2-component grout and a grout that contains only one component, both for the interior and for the joints on the sidewalks and the terrace. As the joints almost never have to be refilled later on and no weeds grow through, the much higher price paid off in this way.

Incorporate grout with epoxy resin step by step

  • epoxy resin
  • grouts
  • Cleaner for epoxy
  • water
  • Maurer bucket
  • bucket
  • sponge
  • broom
  • squeegee

1. Prepare joints

If the epoxy grout is to be applied to an older plaster, the old joint must first be cleared to a depth of at least three centimeters.

2. Mix grout

Depending on whether you use a 2-component grout or a simple epoxy grout, you must measure very accurately during mixing. The 2-component mass is quite fast, so you should not mix everything in one go. You also have to calculate and measure the hardener very precisely.

3. Work in epoxy grout

This mass is not incorporated as usual with the broom, but with the hard rubber slider. With this you push the mass always criss-cross in the joints. Only when the complete joints are filled, you should turn the area with the broom.

4. Cover and clean

The new joints must not be walked on for at least 24 hours, and rain must not fall on them. You may need to clean the plates with a special Epoxy cleaner.

Tips & Tricks

Since the sand should have no inclusions and impurities, the normal cheap filling sand may not be used here. Check the manufacturer's instructions as to what he recommends for his product.

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