Remove grout with heat from rough tiles

When grout needs to be removed from rough tiles, two complicated issues meet. Grout with chemical binders is difficult to dissolve and liquefy. The rough surface makes mechanical removal difficult, which remains an alternative. Cold or heat applications can help.

Sealed or unsealed

Similar to smooth tile surfaces, the first distinguishing feature is whether a seal is present or the surface is porous. All sealed variants resist acidic cleaning substances. Compared to smooth surfaces, mortar and grout can be easily removed by increasing the dose and treatment intensity.

For open rocks, which have a rough surface, cleaning is very difficult and can not be possible without excessive traces of contamination.

Pores need to be exposed without clogging them

Mechanical interventions such as scratching and scraping are only of limited use on rough surfaces. Brushes and brushes with hard bristles can be tried on a trial basis. Any scratches or blunt areas that may occur can be reworked and polished after brushing or scratching with rock oil.

To remove grout from rough tiles, usually only the liquefying and sucking absorption. The biggest difficulty is to liquefy fast and strong enough to absorb so that the mass does not penetrate into the pores and increases the damage and pollution. Highly absorbent aids and quick action can at least enable partial success. Highly absorbent recording media are:

  • sponges
  • Used and clean woolen cloths
  • shammy
  • Extinguishing and nonwoven paper
  • wadding

Almost all joint compounds can be liquefied by heating. With an iron or a blowtorch, the rough surface can be warmed up or briefly light up. Important is the immediate dabbing removal of the liquid "puddles". Ideally, the dosage is similar to producing "sweat".

Almost all chemical binders and resins can be liquefied by heat. When working with a flame, the careful dosage not only serves to reduce the degree of condensation, but at the same time protects the tiles from tearing or cracking.

Tips & Tricks

The enormous difficulties that occur when you remove grout are worth a good preparation and elaborate protective measures when applying the grout. Thorough masking of all joint edges and generous distribution of tarpaulins protect your rough tiles.

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