The guide to disassembling a pool table

When disassembling a pool table, the game board is the bulkiest component. But even the longer band frames or mirrors need a minimum amount of transport or storage space. Depending on the table model, the game board can consist of up to three individual parts. If they are disconnected, careful re-routing is required.

15 to 20 items

There are times when it is essential to disassemble a pool table. In general, the less frequently the disassembly and dismantling of the construction is made, the longer the table is preserved. If at the time of purchase it is possible to deliver and set up at the destination "in one piece", this should always be preferred to dismantling.

A disassembled pool table consists of about 15 to 20 bulky items and some smaller accessories such as punch shanks, ball safety nets and possibly components of a ball return system. For transporting the pool table protective packaging such as blankets or cushions should be prepared before disassembly.

Instructions on how to disassemble a pool table

  • Wrench
  • staple remover
  • hairdryer
  • spatula
  • helper

1. Unscrew the band mirror

First you have to loosen the screws of the band mirror. Most billiard tables have two screws on the sides of the head and three on the long sides.

2. Remove the edge protection

If the bands have metal corner or edge protectors, you must lift them off. They are usually attached by laterally retractable locks. Slide the plates "free" and lift them off.

3. Remove the hole collar

Pull the hole collar off the tape frame. If they are glued, you can simplify the dissolution by heating and a spatula.

4. Remove ball nets

If the ball nets or a return mechanism are attached directly to the belt frame, release these connections.

5. Lift off the band mirror

Now lift off the band mirror first on a short end. Always use lift-off with an assistant to avoid unilateral loading of the components.

6. Lift the play plate

The now exposed game board can be lifted off. Important is a slow lifting at least two, better three or four, lifting points. If it is a split plate, you can remove the joints with a cutter.

Tips & Tricks

Once you have removed the gangs and game board, you can disassemble the table substructure. The constructions are self-explanatory

Video Board: how to disassemble a slate pool table video.mp4