Guide to lawn gratings made of plastic

As an almost invisible stabilization of a lawn, plastic lawn grids are a good choice. They are particularly popular, usually under the name Paddockplatte, for the attachment of stable and forecourt areas on horse farms, where they prevent Mat-holes.

Inexpensive soil and embankment attachment

First and foremost, plastic grass grids are suitable for stabilizing the lawn in itself. In descending or ascending slopes, the lawn can be protected against leaching during heavy rainfall. Another aspect is the protection of the lawn against small animals, which ranges from the fussy-happy domestic cat to the prevented Aufwurf of molehills. If the grid holes are small, there is a load stability sufficient for footpaths or occasional driving and parking of a vehicle. You need to check whether it will not be necessary to use it more frequently at a later date, which can quickly lead to wear. Other locations are rescue routes, golf courses, festivals and playgrounds, agriculture and bank fortifications.

Product forms follow different theories

The shape of the plastic grass grids is very diverse. Manufacturers develop products ranging from honeycomb shapes to complex three-dimensional infiltration constructions. Due to the shape of the grass grille the optimal stability and resilience with good fouling behavior and easy machinability should be achieved. The majority of the lawn grid is offered in handy plate shapes with side dimensions of about fifty centimeters, which can be modularly connected with simple plug systems. For examples of the different shapes, see


Do not buy cheap plastic

The types of plastic are very different and range from simple plastics to high-quality specialty compounds. While the cheap to cheap raw materials on road salt, sudden point loads such as the impact of a branch or constant water pollution with decomposition, rotting or break can react, which is for high-quality plastics - also made of recycled material - usually no problem. The cheapest square meter prices for lawn grid Plastic start at around eight euros. The majority of products in reliable quality range in price range of ten to 18 euros, individual manufacturers demand up to thirty euros.

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