Have the gutter cleaning done by a professional

Some gutters are unfavorable or high mounted. Therefore, they can not be reached by the homeowner himself with the ladder. Meanwhile, however, more and more companies are offering professional cleaning with a lift or lifting platform.

Help with the gutter cleaning

Hard-to-reach gutters should not prevent cleaning. Once the downpipe is properly full of dirt, it is becoming increasingly difficult to liberate a polluted gutter from leaves and mud again.

Especially for seniors is today even a normally built gutter barely reachable. They too can be helped by a professional partner who will do this work. In the long run, the costs will be recouped, because constant moisture and dirt can cause expensive damage to the building.

Individual solutions for rain gutter cleaning

Most professional companies offering rain gutter cleaning already show their fleet on their website. Those who have a particularly inaccessible channel should check there to see if the company owns both a Steiger and other possible equipment vehicles.

The prices are partly based on the height of the gutter. Mostly, the cleaning of the downpipes will be charged extra. Other things, such as a gutter box or the cleaning of gutters with leaf guards are usually extra calculated.

What to look for when choosing the company

If you want to hire a contractor, it is important to obtain three written offers. This should include both the individual gutter lengths and the height at which the gutters are installed.

It is also important to record all extra services in writing. This may even include the disposal of the accumulating dirt.

More and more service companies are springing up, not every one is serious. Therefore, a written contract is necessary so that later someone pays, if in the worst case, the riser has the gutter with the same removed.

Important points when commissioning a gutter cleaning

  • get qualified offers
  • Formulate extras in writing
  • Check machine park of the company
  • Question the reputation of the company

Tips & Tricks

If it is not possible for you to clean the gutter yourself, you should first ask your roofer, who also repairs other damage. In many cases, the well-known craftsman is the cheapest and above all the most reliable.

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