Clean gutter - regularly and carefully necessary

As annoying as it may be, the gutter needs to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise dirt and leaves will unite over time into a true swamp in the gutter, from which the water does not run out.

Autumn is gutter time

At the latest in autumn, the gutter is due for cleaning. Foliage and dirt must be removed from the gutter and from the downpipe. Although there are now telescopic poles that push the dirt quite well with a small semicircular paddle.

But important is also a control of the gutter. So if you make it easy with such a device, you do not see in the gutter and does not get the dirt out completely.

Hire specialist company

For most single-family homes, a gutter cleaning is no problem. However, if the house is multi-storey or if the gutters are perhaps not easily accessible, then it is more correct to hire a specialist company to clean the gutter.

Step by step to the clean gutter

Do not use hard equipment when cleaning the gutter. Especially copper gutters are very sensitive. However, even a galvanized gutter scrape through a metal spatula very bad.

  • bucket
  • rubber gloves
  • Spatula or baking spatula
  • ladder

1. Check downpipe

First, check that the downpipe is clear. It is practical if an inspection opening has already been installed at the bottom during installation. Then leaves and small branches below can be easily taken out.

2. Clean the gutter

It's best to start cleaning the gutter from the end. Do not try to push all the leaves and mud puddles forward, but remove the debris every few meters. The easiest way is with a rubber glove and a plastic spatula from the kitchen.

3. rinse

To really wash all the mud and dirt out of the gutter, some water for rinsing is a good help. So before the garden hose is brought in for the winter, it can be used again here.

Tips & Tricks

If there are many deciduous trees around the house, you should look into the gutter more often. A violent summer storm would otherwise cause significant damage. The last cleaning you should do a year takes place when all the leaves have fallen from the trees.

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