Gutter filter at a glance

The best known type of gutter filters are the leaf guards and gutters. As further filters leaf brows are offered, which resemble the brush of a chimney sweep optically. Filter grid inserts for single placement in the gutter and downpipe filter complete the offer.

Gutter filter with a pointed surface

Leaf brooms are elongated and serpentine shaped wires, in the braided broom hairs give a round brush shape. They are inserted into the gutter and prevent not only leaves but also small animals such as martens.

The weight of the leaf broom allows easy insertion into the gutters without additional attachment. The advantage over grids and perforated sheets is the impossibility that wet leaves lay over holes or pores and hinder the drainage of water from the roof.

Foliage and leaves remain slightly "skewered" adhere and are blown away by the wind at least in the next dry period. At the same time the gutter filter protects against the ingress of mice or martens into the roof beams over the way of the gutter.

Filter on and in the drain

Another type of gutter filter is similar to the gutter screens mounted only on the drain pipe in the gutter. Flat grids, usually made of plastic, cover the drain hole flat and prevent the ingress of leaves and dirt.

The third gutter filter type begins its work only in the fall. In particular, if the rainwater is to be used as casting or other useful water, the mechanical filtering out of coarse residues is practical.

Examples of prices

The leaf broom is usually offered in 1.20 meter long individual pieces and is easy to cut using a hacksaw, a metal shears or a side cutter to the desired size.

  • In the leaf broom is offered from eight euros for a 1.20 meter long piece.
  • On cost 1.20 meters long leaf sweeper as a gutter filter 4.85 euros.
  • Downpipe Filter offers with its product line Regendieb. The company specializes in rainwater filtering of all kinds.

Tips & Tricks

Rolled thin wire mesh performs a similar function as a leaf broom even against small animals.

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