Correctly seal the gutter

In order to properly seal the gutter, you no longer need much know-how today, but only the right sealant or a suitable adhesive tape for a reliable repair. Of course you have to pay attention to a few small points.

Sealant with fiber reinforcement

Although it is possible to seal some minor damage, especially at the seams, with a special silicone for outdoor use, the most reliable variant today is a permanently elastic sealant that is reinforced with special fibers.

Sealing tape with aluminum foil

A type of adhesive tape, which consists of sturdy aluminum foil and a thick adhesive with sealants, reliably seals even larger holes. While the sealant only up to one or two centimeters large damage creates.

Seal the gutter step by step

Before you start to seal the gutter, you should check whether there are not more damaged areas, then you can repair them right away. The sealant can not be stored for long after it has been opened, so it makes sense to mend everything right away.

In order for the fiber-reinforced sealant or a special adhesive tape to have enough time to dry, you should always do this work during the summer months.

  • Permanently elastic sealant
  • Resin dilution
  • Brush / spatula
  • fine sandpaper
  • ladder

1. Clean and dry

The gutter must be absolutely clean and dry if you want to repair holes. Therefore, the channel must first be cleaned.

2. Roughen material

The material of the gutter must be slightly roughened, so that it connects sustainably with the sealant. For this purpose, lightly sand the affected areas with a fine sandpaper.

3. Apply sealant

It is best to wear gloves at work, because the fiber-reinforced sealant is very affectionate. These properties make the sealant but so valuable in the gutter. They apply with an old brush or a spatula.

It's best to use things that can be put into the trash afterwards. Attention, these things are hazardous waste.

Tips & Tricks

A permanently elastic sealant, which is fiber-reinforced, not only repairs different gutters made of aluminum, zinc or plastic, but also many other things.

Therefore, you should always have this sealant in the house. However, you should always buy only small containers, so that the mass does not dry and close the can each good.

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