Gypsum plaster as a mineral building material

Mineral plaster systems are valued above all for interior fittings because of their good indoor climate properties. To be able to perform this function permanently well, they must not be covered with impermeable coatings. Gypsum plaster is used in all living spaces.

Mineral interior plasters do not release pollutants into the room as they contain no solvents. Gypsum plaster is the main binder of gypsum. He is responsible for ensuring that gypsum plaster absorbs and releases moisture. If gypsum plaster is covered with tiles or painted over with an impermeable paint, it can no longer regulate the indoor climate.

Advantages of the mineral building material gypsum:

  • Can also be used in ecological construction
  • Regulates moisture in the living area
  • Promotes a pleasant indoor climate
  • Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, it never feels cold
  • Vapor-permeable
  • Belongs to the inexpensive cleaning systems
  • Easy to process

Other mineral and organic plaster systems

Clay plaster is an ecological mineral building material for many hundreds of years. It is a good heat storage and can absorb far more moisture than gypsum plaster. He promotes a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. Clay plaster dissolves in water. For processing in the kitchen and bathroom he is therefore only partially suitable.

Excellent lime-conditioning properties are also provided by the lime plaster. It is more expensive than the gypsum plaster and a bit more complicated to work with. Eyes and skin must be protected during the work with lime plaster, as it is strongly alkaline and therefore corrosive. Its high pH prevents mold growth.

Resin plasters contain organic binders. These synthetic resins, unlike mineral plasters, are extremely elastic and robust. When moving in the underground they do not tear. They can be applied very thinly, dry and cure quickly and can be loaded quickly. Their use indoors is controversial because of the possible indoor air pollution by synthetic resin.

Tips & Tricks

Gypsum plaster is one of the most frequently used mineral interior plasters. It is inexpensive and easy to handle. Dry rooms and wet rooms are ideal for gypsum plastering. He copes with the usual in the kitchen and bathroom amounts of water vapor and water spray.


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