Hall construction - what costs can be expected?

Having your own hall for the company has many advantages: it is usually located directly on the company premises and is fully available to the company without the need for collusion with other users. The hall construction costs are very different.

The hall construction on company grounds: What is the orientation of the costs?

The cost of a hall depends on several factors, such as construction: a prefabricated building is usually much cheaper than a massive hall.

The lightweight hall is a particularly lightweight prefabricated building, which includes, for example, the tent halls. They usually do not even need a foundation and are therefore particularly inexpensive.

A massive steel construction is particularly robust and can withstand decades of weather. Companies that attach great importance to such stability in their hall pay more.

Other factors that influence hall construction costs are the size, insulation, equipment and design of the desired building.

  • A cold hall without special interior is in the lower price range.
  • A refrigerated warehouse for food with thermal insulation belongs to the more expensive halls.
  • The production and storage hall including the racking and transport system can also be expensive.
  • An appealing exterior design for halls with customer traffic also has its price.

Hall construction costs specifically

We have selected two price examples for pre-fabricated halls for you. Each hall consists of a primed and painted steel structure and has a thermo roof. The hall walls are also insulated.

The plastic windows as well as a hall gate and an escape door are included in the price. The complete technical documents are included with the kit.

Price example 1

The hall construction costs for a hall with a floor area of ​​10 x 20 m vary depending on the snow load limit of the roof in kN per sqm.

  • maximum snow load of 0.85 kN per square meter: about 60,000 EUR
  • maximum snow load of 2.20 kN per square meter: about 62,000 EUR

Price example 2

Another hall has a floor area of ​​20 x 40 m. This model is also available with different maximum snow load limits.

  • maximum snow load of 0.85 kN per square meter: about 150,000 EUR
  • maximum snow load of 2.20 kN per square meter: about 200,000 EUR

Current building material prices as an important cost factor

The building materials prices are not constant, especially metals are subject to strong price fluctuations: Therefore, the hall construction costs are relatively variable. In addition, the prices are based on the local conditions on the building plot.

Tips & Tricks

Think early about the interior lighting of your hall: Do you need daylight? Then you should include a skylight or light strips in the planning.

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